Sunday, January 8, 2012

The New Changi City Point

You may be wondering why I am writing about a shopping mall. All of us, (including me), are tired of shopping malls since most of the shops are commonly found in Singapore. When I first visited Changi City Point, I thought the same thing. Well, I was wrong. Changi City Point is a relatively new shopping mall that opened in late October 2011/early November 2011. Unlike regular malls, this mall has a wide selection of 'outlet stores'.

Outlet stores are stores that sell items, usually apparel, at a very low cost. Right here at Changi City Point, there are various outlet stores here such as Nike Outlet, Adidas Outlet, Samsonite Outlet and many more. How cheap are the items? A pair of Reebok shoes I bought at Royal Sporting House Outlet, (The Reebok Simplytone), cost me S$40, down from the usual price of S$120. That's a total savings of S$80!!! Maybe because Changi City Point is located near factories. So transportation of goods won't be such a hassle.

Other than the outlet stores, Changi City Point also has several restaurants, fast food outlets and the usual stores that can be found everywhere else. So after a day of discounted shopping, you can rest and relax at any of the eating establishments. There's even a Cold Storage supermarket for you to do your grocery shopping.

The mall's architecture is totally beautiful. Even though it may not match those architectural marvels/shopping malls like Ion Orchard, it's still great to see fresh new architecture that cannot be found somewhere else especially neighbourhood malls. Navigation is easy too. Directories are conveniently located at the ends of the escalators. Unlike other shopping malls, it's not really that crowded even though the mall is one MRT station away from Changi Airport. No housing estates can be found here. Maybe that's why there aren't a lot of people.

Changi City Point also has a beautiful rooftop garden for people to just go up, relax, unwind and just breathe in the fresh air at the top of the buiding. If you are lucky enough, you may even find airplanes flying to the nearby Changi Airport.

Overall, Changi City Point is a great shopping mall if you want to find deep discounts for your clothes shopping. Even if you don't want to shop, you can just relax and soak in the beautiful sights and sounds of the rooftop garden with a variety of plants and flowers. Or maybe if you want to find a less crowded shopping mall to shop at, Changi City Point is definitely a great place.

To get there, you can board the MRT train to Expo MRT Station on the East West Line (Green Line) which is next to the mall. See the spaceship-like structure at the background? That's Expo MRT Station. Take note that you have to make a transfer to the middle platform at Tanah Merah MRT Station to get here. There are currently no buses passing by the mall even though there is a bus stop located right in front of the entrance. (Ironic isn't it?). Once you come out from the MRT station, just use the underpass or traffic junction to reach the mall. 

Getting Here

Bus services available: No bus services available

Nearest MRT Station: CG2 Expo MRT Station (East West Line)


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