Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Anatomy of An MRT Open House (VIDEO)

It seems that Singapore's MRT network keeps expanding with the opening of new train lines every year since 2009. When a new train line opens, that means Open Houses will be organised for the public to check out the new train lines. When there are Open Houses, that means fun performances and activities.

Here are some highlights as to what you will expect when you visit MRT Open Houses. What's even more awesome is that they're free and you get to ride on free train rides. Click 'Play' now and don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel at for more videos like this.

Footage featured from this video is from the Downtown Line Stage 1 Open House.

Spotted: Abandoned SBS Transit Bus at NTU

Remember my visit to the NTU Heritage Centre which I wrote about previously? While on my way back from the place, I spotted this very unique find, an abandoned SBS Transit bus. Covered with moss, dust, small trees and torn sticker livery, it's definitely something that you don't get to see everyday. As I was curious, I dug up some information about the bus and here's what I found.

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