Sunday, October 21, 2012

I'm Taking A Break

In January this year, I started this blog, Frenzeelo, with the aim of telling people the great places, food and events happening around Singapore. I wanted to prove to everyone that it is possible for people to have fun in Singapore. However, maintaining a blog is a difficult thing and it really needs dedication. I have tried my best to give my readers, including you, the best content I can. You may have noticed on the Archives section along the sidebar, I have posted posts at a rate of 10 posts per month earlier this year. Only a few months back, that rate has been decreasing. That does not mean that I don't like to write anymore, it just means that I do not really have the time to dedicate a day to write a post as I used to earlier this year.

I am not going to close this blog down. I just want to announce to all my readers that I will be taking a break in the coming weeks and I will be back to writing again in the middle of November. So for now, do take your time and read the other posts that I have written. Also, do look out for a redesign of the blog soon. I'm sick and tired of the bright green background so I will change to a new design and colours soon. The picture above will be a hint to the redesign of Frenzeelo. I will be taking a break to concentrate on my work and you don't have to worry so much as I will be back soon. Thanks for being patient with me. I will promise you that I will bring better content on this blog as soon as the time comes.

Big Box Mania at Tampines Retail Park

When I hear the phrase 'big box retailers', I will immediately think of popular retailers in the US like Target, Walmart and Best Buy. Unfortunately, they did not make their presence in Singapore so we can't enjoy affordable furniture, clothes, electronics and groceries. Not all is lost though. Singapore does have its own set of big box retailers in the east called Tampines Retail Park which consists of a Giant Hypermarket, Ikea Furniture Store and Courts Megastore. Let me give you a brief tour of all the three big box retailers here at Tampines Retail Park.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Exploring Holland Village

Holland Village is a great place in Singapore that's popular among expatriates and the place has several shophouses that looks like it was stuck in the olden days. The thing about Holland Village in Singapore is that it's neither related to the country nor is it a village. Holland Village is named after Hugh Holland who was an architect and an early resident. However, there was also some speculation that Holland Village was named after a nearby road called Holland Road. Whatever it is, all I know is that Holland Village is a place with many traditional shops along with some modern shops and food establishments located almost everywhere within the area.
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