Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Frenzeelo is 7 Years Old

Time flies so fast. Frenzeelo is finally in its 7th year of operations. From articles about places in Singapore to articles about the different types of events in Singapore, it was a great 7 years of content creation. Recently, there were some changes that Frenzeelo has underwent and will soon undergo. Here's a more in-depth look about the changes.

Decline In Content Quantity

If you notice recently, the amount of content being churned out has thoroughly declined over the past few years. This is not to say that there are lesser places and events to check out, it's just that more time has been spent working on our other projects, some of which are to improve Frenzeelo's content quality.

Upcoming Changes In The Frenzeelo Blog

In 2019, Frenzeelo will go through not only a design overhaul, but an overhaul in terms of content quality, how content is presented and organised and so much more. This is to keep up with the evolving trends of content creation and consumption especially among millennial readers who usually don't spend much time reading longform content (us included).

More Content Coming Soon

In the next few months, do look out for an overhaul and an exciting new way of presenting content right here on the Frenzeelo blog. Content from our sister blogs will also be joined together under one roof and possibly under a new name. Work is currently in progress and we hope to rollout the changes as soon as possible.


Regular readers, we would like to thank you for your support over the past 7 years. It really means so much to us and as 2019 has just come to a new start, it's time for us to start evolving the blog into something more than just a place to read about the different Singapore places and past events. Do look out for the changes in the middle of the year and in the meantime, look out for more articles coming soon.
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