Sunday, July 7, 2013

Student Discounts in Singapore - ZeeloTips

Students are awesome people. They work hard for exams, they don't really have to pay lots of bills except for mobile phone bills, they are shaping the future and they just like to have fun. However, one of the main disadvantages of being a student is that they don't really have that much money in their pockets. I know because I'm a student myself. Despite all that, don't worry so much because in Singapore, there are plenty of student discounts that students can make use of if they know where to find them. With these discounts, they can start to hang out with their friends without worrying so much about money and for certain discounts, they can even help students with their education. Here are some of the most common student discounts that students can find in Singapore. All a student needs is their student card, preferably a student EZ-Link card because most merchants accept this as proof of identity, some money and probably an official student email (although the last one is optional).
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