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Arnold's Chicken Delivery

There are so many places in Singapore that sell crispy fried chicken. You may like fried chicken from some place while others may prefer fried chicken from a different place. For me, I prefer Arnold's Fried Chicken. I think it's one of the best fried chicken I have ever tasted and it's not from a fast food restaurant. Arnold's Chicken has juicy, tender and mouth-watering fried chicken unlike any other places. About a week ago, my sister called Arnold's delivery service and ordered some chicken along with some sides for my family. You can either order the items individually or you can order by choosing the meals offered. My sister ordered the Party Meal with an additional 1.5L bottle of Pepsi and Potato Platter. 

The meal consists of 5 pieces of fried chicken, 1 whole spring chicken, 6 pieces of fried buns, 1 bowl of mashed potatoes and 1 bowl of coleslaw. As you can tell, that's a whole lot of food and that does not include the extras. Extras include a 1.5L bottle of Pepsi and the Potato Platter which is one of the most popular side dishes of the restaurant. We didn't finish everything though so we kept the remaining food as leftovers.

Potato Platter S$6.20 (Delivery Price)
The picture above is the Potato Platter which consists of different fried potato snacks such as potato chips, criss-cut fries, potato wedges and a small container of cheese dip. It's quite odd that there's no regular fries served with the platter but it's okay, I'm fine with it. I really love the criss-cut fries and the potato wedges. They're really crispy and fluffy on the inside and they're so much better than regular fries. They also have this slightly spicy taste which gives a little kick to the fried potato snacks which I really like. The potato chips tasted like they were handmade though I may be wrong. The chips don't taste like those you find in a bag. They really do taste like someone cut thin slices from a real potato and fried them to crispy perfection which I enjoy too. The cheese dip was okay though. If you're a real hardcore fan of potatoes, get the platter on top of your fried chicken. It's a perfect platter to complement your chicken.

Coleslaw S$3.00 (Delivery Price)
Next up is the coleslaw. I didn't really taste the coleslaw because I'm not really a fan of coleslaw. Although I heard that Arnold's coleslaw was delicious and many people loved it. Now I regret not tasting the coleslaw. Oh well, better luck next time. If you're a fan of coleslaw or cold foods in general, this is a must buy if you're having some Arnold's Chicken.

Fried Buns S$0.50 Each (Delivery Price)
Who doesn't love fluffy buns? If you order Western food at a food court or coffee shop in Singapore, you may have eaten some fried buns that come with the Western dishes. Arnold's also sells fried buns and if you order the fried chicken combos, fried buns are already included. Basically, it's just an ordinary bun and they fry it in a deep fryer. After being fried, the bun is oily on the outside and fluffier on the inside. There's also a bit of wrinkling on the outside after frying it. It's not crispy because the bun is not breaded nor battered. It's just moist and oily and just the way I like it.

Mashed Potatoes S$3.00 (Delivery Price)
This is a bowl of mashed potatoes as you can see. The mashed potatoes are generally okay. The gravy is actually quite plain and tasteless and there's clearly no spices so there isn't really that much flavour. However, the potatoes are slightly better, it's soft and mushy like other mashed potatoes and the serving's quite big and clearly, you can see that there's two potatoes. Not so sure if they're one and split into half or not but still, they're okay and I'm not saying that they're horrible. The mashed potatoes from Popeye's Chicken is the best. I'll do a write up on Popeye's Chicken soon if I can.

Fried Chicken S$2.60 Each (Delivery Price)
I'm sure this is what you have been waiting for, right? Juicy and crispy fried chicken from Arnold's. The Party Meal as I mentioned, contains 5 individual pieces of fried chicken. I totally forgot what parts they were. I like the chicken wing that's included and the meat was tender and juicy unlike some chicken restaurants. The other chicken parts? Well, they too were juicy, tender and crispy. There was even a piece (or two) breast meat if you're a fan of that. I could even see the juices running down the chicken and you know that's a sign of good fried chicken. They were freshly cooked and there isn't any dried blood. It's all fresh and falls off the bone easily.

Fried Chicken S$2.60 Each (Delivery Price)
See that? That's how fresh the chicken is. The skin was nicely fried and crispy though it's not as crispy as Texas Chicken or Popeye's Chicken. It certainly is much better than Broaster Chicken (see article here) and when you bite it, all that flavour will get into your taste buds and you will definitely enjoy that feeling. You have to try it in real life.

Whole Spring Chicken S$9.80 (Delivery Price)
Last but not least, it's the Whole Spring Chicken that's also included in the Party Meal. This can feed at least three people or more if possible. Just like the individual pieces of fried chicken I mentioned just now, this too was juicy, crispy and tender. It's even better to eat it at the restaurant itself because it'll be hot and fresh out of the kitchen.

Overall, the Arnold's Chicken delivery was totally satisfying. It's a great option for fried chicken lovers and it's a great option for potato lovers. I am a combination of the two. It's best to eat Arnold's Chicken once every few months or twice every year because if you eat it often, your waist size will increase significantly. Still, it's one of the best fried chicken I have tried and you'll definitely won't regret after trying it. If you're lazy you can call delivery or if you're not, you can visit one of their outlets at either City Plaza, Hougang Green Shopping Mall or Pasir Ris Town Park. Their delivery number is 62766537. Get one of the meals so that you'll save some money and still have a great amount of food to eat and share with your family or friends. Fish and Chips and other side dishes like Onion Rings are also available if you're not into chicken and potatoes.

Arnold's Chicken is HALAL certified

All items (except for Potato Platter and 1.5L Pepsi) are included in Party Meal for S$29.90. Other meals are available too. 

Additional Information 


Phone number: 62766537

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