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Domino's Pizza Delivery in Singapore

In Singapore, the most common pizza delivery service is Pizza Hut Delivery. Other than Pizza Hut, there are so many other options when it comes to pizza delivery like Canadian Pizza, Sarpino's and so much more. In today's article, I'll be talking about another popular pizza delivery service known as Domino's Pizza. Domino's Pizza is a popular US-based pizza restaurant that serves varieties of pizza and other dishes and it's found all over the world including Singapore. However, the most popular part of Domino's is not their pizza but their lightning speed delivery service. They claim that their pizzas will be delivered to you within 30 minutes flat. Does that mean their quality will be affected? Scroll down to find out more.

Chocolate Lava Cake S$6.80
Before I talk about the pizza itself, let's talk about their other offerings. This is known as the Chocolate Lava Cake. The Chocolate Lava Cake is basically a chocolate cake with lots of chocolate sauce inside the cake and it's topped with powdered sugar. It's served in a nifty aluminium cup which is cute and the cake can be eaten with the small spoon that's provided. The taste of this dessert was awesome as it's totally sweet and sugar loaded. Every bite will have that overloaded chocolate flavour all around. The chocolate sauce will fill your mouth when you bite into it just like lava coming out of a volcano. The cake is a little bit on the soft side and that's just the way I like it. Be warned though, this cake is very sweet. Share it with other people if you can and don't eat it all by yourself. This is seriously the ultimate dessert you should get to complement your pizza.

Every time you order the Chocolate Lava Cake, a small spoon will be provided. The funny thing was that, the spoon melted when I wanted to use it to eat the cake. That's how the spoon looked like when I took it out from its packaging. This is a good sign that their pizza and other foods are served hot and fresh out of the oven.

Garlic Cheese Onion Rings S$3.80
Moving on, this side dish is known as the Garlic Cheese Onion Rings. These Onion Rings are made from chopped onions and they're breaded, shaped into rings and fried. I'm not entireli sure if they sprinkled cheese and garlic onto the onion rings or if it's already in the breading. The Onion Rings aren't really that great because they're soft and soggy. I can't really taste any of the crispy onions because they've been chopped up into tiny pieces. However, I like the garlic and cheese seasoning that made it tastier and added more flavour into the rings.

Breadstix S$4.80
Here's another item that's garnished with garlic. It's called Breadstix and it's basically a big piece of bread that's been coated with garlic seasoning and baked. The Breadstix have been chopped up into various sticks that can be peeled off for easy consumption. When you bite into them, they're soft, full of flavour and there's a little bit of saltiness. There's also a packet of Salsa Sauce provided but I didn't use it. I prefer having the Breadstix in its original form. If you're a lover of garlic and love seasoned sticks of bread that's full of flavour, do get the Breadstix as it's a perfect side dish.

Cinnastix S$4.80
This is similar to Breadstix although it has a different name. It's called the Cinnastix. The Cinnastix is a big piece of bread that's been sprinkled with lots of cinammon and sugar. Just like the Breadstix, Cinnastix also has strips of bread that can easily be peeled off and eaten. Cinnastix is much sweeter and when you bite into the bread, it's soft, sweet and you can even taste the sugar crystals. I really love cinnamon so I must say that this is better than the garlic-seasoned Breadstix. This is a great dessert for those who have a sweet tooth. You can make this even sweeter by adding the packet of Icing Sugar that's provided.

Twisty Bread S$4.80
Let's talk more garlic-seasoned items from Domino's. What I have here is the Twisty Bread which is one of the sides that Domino's sells to complement their pizzas. They're basically a bunch of bread twisted and seasoned with lots of garlic. What you get are soft pieces of bread that's fun to eat and full of garlic seasoning flavour. They are not really different from the Breadstix except for the fact that their shapes are completely different. Personally, I prefer this because since it's twisted, it's fun to eat. I even tried to 'un-twist' them because they are just fun to play with. I wish they make a cinammon and sugar variant of the Twisty Bread. If you already get the Breadstix, it's not really necessary to get these because both taste the same. However, you should get these if you want to play with your food.

Chicken Temptation Pizza (Regular) S$22.80
Now let's move on to the star of the show. What I have here is the Chicken Temptation Pizza in which I got it in regular size. Domino's offers their pizzas in four different sizes which are Personal, Regular, Large and if you have a party, X-tra Large. Domino's also has a variety of crusts to go along with your pizza. I got the Classic Hand Tossed because it's their signature crust. The Chicken Temptation Pizza was really delicious. It's much better than their red-roofed rival's chicken pizza. Chicken Temptation comes with Mozarella Cheese, Smoked Chicken Breast, Chicken Ham, Red and Green Peppers. The pizza also comes with their 'Top Secret Sauce' which they claim to have a creamy cheesy flavour and a zest of garlic.

Chicken Temptation Pizja (Regular) S$22.80
The pizza was delicious because of the crust, toppings and its sauce. The crust is soft and a little bit on the crispy side. I'm not entirely sure if they sprinkled some cheese on top which I really doubt it. Their secret sauce was great. Just like what they claim, I could actually taste some creamy cheese in the sauce and also a little bit of the garlic. I cannot actually taste what else is in the sauce though but I think it's better to go with this sauce than the mainstream tomato sauce which I get sick and tired of. Succulent and juicy pieces of chicken in the toppings along with the copious amounts of cheese are a joy to bite into. If you can't get enough of chicken, there are also pieces of chicken ham scattered around the pizza along with crunchy red and green peppers. All these go well together and it's definitely a great change to the rival's chicken pizza. If you're not a fan of chicken, there are lots of other varieties of pizza to choose from.

Extravaganza Pizza (Regular) S$22.80
Here's another pizza variant I tried. I only managed to get a close up shot of this pizza and not the whole thing unfortunately. Anyway, this is the Extravaganza Pizza. I got it in Regular size and I actually forgot what sauce was added into the pizza. Extravaganza contains Mozarella Cheese, Beef Pepperoni, Cabanossi, Ground Beef, Onions, Green Pepper, Mushrooms and Olives.

As you can see, the are much more toppings found in this pizza variant than the Chicken Temptation Pizza. This pizza is much more meatier and it's also a great alternative to those who despise chicken. It also contains juicy mushrooms and olives which go together really well. Personally, I find that Chicken Temptation tastes much better because of the chicken, cheese and the secret sauce. This pizza also tastes great because of the large amounts of beef that's in the pizza which I really enjoy. Every bite will have that delicious meat filling up your mouth and the cheese makes it a much more enjoyable pizza to sink your teeth into.

Just like its rival, Domino's also has a policy in which if you are not happy with your order, you can get them to replace your pizza free of charge. So far, I am totally satisfied with Domino's as it's a much better alternative to all the other pizza delivery services out there.

Even though I live within Domino's delivery range, I still did not get my order within 30 minutes. Most of the time, they were late for about a few minutes more than the time they actually should arrive. I'm not angry at them for delivering late because weather conditions and traffic conditions do affect their delivery status which I highly understand. They gave me this coupon in which I can use to get a discount on my next order to make it up for being late. So far, I still do not know how to use this coupon and I mainly use their online coupons or current promotions to get big discounts when ordering. Domino's also has this cool pizza tracker if you order via online. Each motorcycle has a GPS tracking system to let you know about their delivery status. That's what I call good customer service.

Actually I don't really know why Domino's like to paste their coupons on top of their pizza boxes. When I want to peel off their coupons, there will always be an ugly tear mark on the box which can really be annoying. Just a few weeks ago, Domino's had this combo meal which was a tie-in promotion with the Hollywood blockbuster, The Dark Knight Rises. It's called The Dark Knight Rises Meal and there are several versions of the meal. Each meal contains different items in it. Some of them even comes with The Dark Knight Rises drinking glass which is great for diehard fans of the movie. Don't worry if the meals are gone because Domino's will have new combo meals and promotions regularly throughout the year. There are also various coupons you can claim from their website. Just like regular pizza delivery services, there's also an option to call them for delivery.

Overall, Domino's Pizza is a good alternative to mainstream pizza delivery services. Domino's has a variety of different pizzas and they're highly customisable. You can change the crust, the sauce, the toppings and so much more. Domino's also serves a huge array of side dishes like the Twisty Bread, Cinnastix and so much more which are great complements to your pizza. They will deliver to your doorstep within 30 minutes and if they are late, a discount coupon will be provided to make it up to you. Unfortunately, they have to sacrifice some estates in order to reach their goal of delivering within 30 minutes so if you don't live within their delivery radius, you can't taste their awesome pizzas. However, more outlets are coming up so don't be too disappointed. Domino's is also a great option for parties and occasions. 

Domino's Pizza is HALAL certified

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