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Marina Bay Sands SkyPark Observation Deck

Did you know that in Singapore, there is a actually a big boat that's floating high in the sky? You may be thinking. Am I crazy or something? Well, no. The boat that I have just mentioned is actually the Marina Bay Sands SkyPark. You have seen them in the tourist brochures, in websites and on TV. Just a few weeks ago, I actually went up the SkyPark to check out what the hype is all about and there's one word that I can say to describe the place: Magnificent. In this article, I will talk about my experience at the Sands SkyPark and why you should go there.

NOTE: This is just the observation deck only

First of all, before you ask me about the infinity pool and the wide range of rooftop restaurants available at the SkyPark, I want to let you know that I did not go to that part of the SkyPark. I went up the Observation Deck which is just about a quarter of the whole SkyPark itself and that this is the only part that's open to the public. The other three quarters of the area, the one with the infinity pool and restaurants are only open to hotel guests which you can become only if you book a hotel room in the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. Not to worry though, hopefully, sometime in the future I may get to be a hotel guest and when I do, I'll make sure I'll let you see pictures of the infinity pool and other awesome facilities of the SkyPark.

Getting to the Sands SkyPark

Getting to the SkyPark's observation deck was actually very easy. It's even easier if you were to come out from Bayfront MRT Station's entrance. Once you come out of the MRT entrance, just turn right and walk along the footpath all the way to the end of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel Tower. The Tower is actually Tower number 3 just to let you know. Once you see this small glass structure with the Sands SkyPark wording seen in the photo right above, you are all set.

Heading Down the Escalator

Now, just ride down the escalator and head to the ticketing booth and get yourself some tickets. It costs S$20 per person to get up there. It may be a bit steep but I can assure you that the visit is totally worth it. Plus, there's no time limit! However, there is a closing time for the observation deck though which is I think is around 10pm. Now, once you have bought your tickets, you can start to go up the observation deck.

Tickets to SkyPark

If you have gotten your tickets already, this is how your ticket will actually look like. As you may have noticed from the ticket, it says that you can actually stay onto the SkyPark observation from the opening time all the way to closing on the particular day that you have purchased your tickets. Now I'm not that sure if you are willing to do that but do take note that there's no infinity pool here and there are no seats at the public area of the SkyPark.

Before going up, some photographers will require you to take a photo in front of a green screen so that when you have finished your trip, you can collect your photo with the backdrop being the Marina Bay Sands for a fee. I personally am not interested in these photos actually because I prefer to take my own photos with my digital camera. It's free and the backdrop will be the real thing not just a stock photo of the integrated resort.

Up in the Sky

Now, all you have to do is to ride on an express lift which will bring you up to Level 56 where the SkyPark is actually located. As you can see, the floor is pretty high and when you go up the lift, you will feel that you ear will have this slight blockage and will pop. Now, don't panic because it's just air pressure so there's nothing to worry about. Once you have reached Level 56, turn right from the lift, and you can see this magnificent beauty. It's a good thing I came up here one year after Gardens By The Bay actually opened so that I get to see the Gardens in full glory instead of a half-completed construction site (which applies if you visit the SkyPark when it first opened in 2011).

Singapore Flyer and Eastern Singapore

If you walk further in front, you can see the Singapore Flyer from afar (which I believe may be shorter than the SkyPark itself) and the eastern part of Singapore in a distance. There is of course the Gardens By The Bay East in the foreground and the golf course as well. If your eyes are really sharp enough or maybe if you are up there and have a good quality professional camera, I can bet you that you can see the HDB flats in a distance as well. There are just so many things that you can see here at the Sands SkyPark. However, the fun begins when you're at the other side of the SkyPark.

A View of the Marina Centre Area

From that spot where you can see the view of eastern Singapore, move a little bit forward and you can see this. This is the view of the Marina Centre area and you can see all kinds of buildings right over here. I'm pretty sure you'll recognise most of the buildings pictured here. Oh and did you notice the three bridges? There's the Helix Bridge, Bayfront Bridge and the Benjamin Sheares Bridge along the East Coast Park Expressway. Now, here is something fun for you. Name all the buildings that you can see here in the picture. Brownie points if you can spot the National Library. The second picture shows a zoomed in view of the same area so start spotting some buildings now!

View of the Marina Bay Area

When you walk to the side of the Sands SkyPark, finally you can see better views. This time round, it's the famous Marina Bay area that you see in advertisements and brochures everywhere. The view right over here is so stunning that you can even see tall buildings in a distance as well. Can you spot the tall building in a distance in this picture? Plus, you can also see views of the Merlion Park and some of the Central Business District (CBD) skyscrapers.

It's Going to be Night Time

If you want to know what's the perfect time to head to the Marina Bay Sands SkyPark, it should always be around 6pm. Why this time? Well, because when you reach the SkyPark at that time, it should still be considered day time and you get to see great views when it's still quite bright and sunny but if you stay all the way until about 7 plus, you can see the transition from day time to night time. The picture shown above right over here is at 7pm which is a pretty beautiful sight isn't it?

Not only that, I also came here days before the F1 races started so I could see the F1 night tracks being lit up. For an added bonus, you can even watch this cool laser, music and light show called Wonder Full which happens every single day at 8pm. However, the laser show is located at the ground floor but from the SkyPark, it's still visible from above. Plus, some of the laser lights will come from the SkyPark itself which is rather cool.

Visitors Having a Rest

Since this is just the observation deck, unfortunately you won't find any benches or any seats that are similar to the ones found at the infinity pool. You can actually sit on the floor if you prefer and although it sounds pretty weird, it's actually quite cool to be sitting on the floor overlooking the great views of the Marina Bay area. I'm not entirely sure if sitting on the floor is actually allowed so do it at your own risk. I sat on the floor and I didn't get into trouble so chances are, you won't get into any trouble either.

If you want to know what facilities are available here, there is a small shop selling souvenirs and snacks along with some beer if you are into that. Eating is allowed here so go ahead and have a picnic if you want. Like I said earlier, do that at your own risk. You can also climb the stairs up and visit a restaurant and bar if you prefer. I'm not entirely sure about the name though but I do know that it's at Level 57. Restrooms are also available up here as well.

Marina Bay Area at Night

This is how the Marina Bay area looked like at night. Isn't it just awesome and beautiful? I sure think it is. You can see all the brightly lit up buildings and skyscapers and everything just looks lively with all the lights on.

F1 Track at Night

Before officially heading back, I wanted to take one last photo before leaving. This is the very last photo that I have taken with my camera from the SkyPark. It's the Singapore Flyer and the F1 track brightly lit up in time for the F1 races which happened on 20 September. Everything just looks lively with bright lights on. Unfortunately, if you were to visit the Sands SkyPark now, the F1 tracks will no longer be there as they have probably dismantled the lights and tracks by now. Nonetheless, the view still looks great even if the F1 tracks are no longer there and you can come here again in September next year if you want to see F1 tracks being lit up at night.

Information Boards Everywhere

One last thing before I end this article. Everywhere you go around the SkyPark observation deck, you will see information boards placed everywhere. These information boards give more information about the scenery and things that you can see from the deck. If you want to read them and get to know more about the areas around the SkyPark, go ahead and take your time.


In conclusion, I think the Marina Bay Sands SkyPark is a really awesome place and it's one of the places in Singapore with the best views of the Marina Bay area. Of course there are other places with a great view as well like the Singapore Flyer and The Sail @ Marina Bay condominium. However, the Marina Bay Sands SkyPark only costs S$20 and there are no time limits.

If you book a hotel room, not only do you get the view, you also get to swim in the infinity pool and visit the numerous 5 star restaurants as well. The Sands SkyPark is worth its price and if you want to the trip to be even more worthwhile, get a combo ticket to the ArtScience Museum as well. If you are not really interested in the SkyPark, there's the ArtScience Museum, the Theatres and the Wonder Full light show. They are also great attractions that you can visit around the Marina Bay Sands and you don't even need loads of money and you don't even have to book a hotel room to enjoy these great attractions. Do bring someone along to make the trip even better and more enjoyable.

Getting Here

Bus services available: 97, 97e, 106, 133, 502, 502A, 518, 518A (Bus stop outside Marina Bay Sands Hotel along Bayfront Avenue)

Nearest MRT Station: CE1/DT16 Bayfront MRT Station (Circle Line/Downtown Line)

Website: http://www.marinabaysands.com/

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