Thursday, January 8, 2015

Happy 3rd Birthday Frenzeelo!

3 years ago today, I started Frenzeelo as a means to find a way to showcase all the photos and videos that I've taken at various places and events around Singapore. If you don't know, I'm the kind of person who enjoys going out to explore Singapore's places and occupying my time visiting free and affordable events that are fun. Since there's so many photos and videos in my phone's Camera Roll and computer, I told myself why not share them and do a short writeup about them as well? As a result, Frenzeelo was established on 8th January 2012.

It has been quite an experience for me for the past 3 years running Frenzeelo. I taught myself how to edit video, how to write better and how to improve my current design skills all that and at the same time, inspired people to visit the places and events that I've visited and shared. I would say that Frenzeelo is still quite small as of now and I believe 2015 may be the year that I should start taking Frenzeelo to a new level.

Of course, Frenzeelo wouldn't even be around if it weren't for the readers and viewers. Thank you very much for all your support and I promise you, Frenzeelo will be bigger, better and will be packed with more content specially for you. And, I hope that I'll still be able to write a message for Frenzeelo's fourth birthday as well. Here's to another great year for Frenzeelo!

Friday, January 2, 2015

Christmas and New Year in the Singapore City

December is a great time mainly because of two major festive events. There's Christmas on the 25th of December and New Year on 1st of January (fun starts on the 31st of December). December can also be considered the best month of the year simply because of the wide range of Christmas trees, decorations, events, open houses and New Year's preparations. On the last two weeks of December, I decided to roam Singapore's city to check out all the wonderful festivities that don't cost a lot of money. Here's what I found.
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