Sunday, October 21, 2012

I'm Taking A Break

In January this year, I started this blog, Frenzeelo, with the aim of telling people the great places, food and events happening around Singapore. I wanted to prove to everyone that it is possible for people to have fun in Singapore. However, maintaining a blog is a difficult thing and it really needs dedication. I have tried my best to give my readers, including you, the best content I can. You may have noticed on the Archives section along the sidebar, I have posted posts at a rate of 10 posts per month earlier this year. Only a few months back, that rate has been decreasing. That does not mean that I don't like to write anymore, it just means that I do not really have the time to dedicate a day to write a post as I used to earlier this year.

I am not going to close this blog down. I just want to announce to all my readers that I will be taking a break in the coming weeks and I will be back to writing again in the middle of November. So for now, do take your time and read the other posts that I have written. Also, do look out for a redesign of the blog soon. I'm sick and tired of the bright green background so I will change to a new design and colours soon. The picture above will be a hint to the redesign of Frenzeelo. I will be taking a break to concentrate on my work and you don't have to worry so much as I will be back soon. Thanks for being patient with me. I will promise you that I will bring better content on this blog as soon as the time comes.

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