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Delifrance Cafe @ Causeway Point

There may be some French restaurants (also known as Bistro) available almost everywhere around the island. However, if you are on a slightly smaller budget, you can look forward to Delifrance Cafe, a Halal French cafe selling things from pastries like eclairs and fruit tarts to croissants and baguettes and more. There are also a wide range of main courses such as sandwiches and pastas available at Delifrance. Read on to find out more about their offerings.

Chocolate and Coffee Cupcakes S$2.80 Each
Sorry for the slightly unappetising picture. Delifrance started a new line of desserts a few months back. They introduced a new line of cupcakes and macarons. The cupcakes are available in a wide variety of flavours ranging from chocolate to coffee to orange and more. I got the one with the chocolate frosting and the one with the coffee frosting. I like the one with the coffee frosting so much because the cream tastes heavenly. I love cheesecake as mentioned in some of my previous posts and surprisingly, the coffee frosting has some cream cheese mixed into it. It's very creamy and cream cheesy (is that a word?) with a hint of coffee flavour in it. I'll totally have it again next time.

For the chocolate one, I guess it was okay. I wasn't as good as the coffee one but the chocolate isn't really that sweet and the whole cupcake itself was also chocolate flavoured. I love the decorations of the cupcakes they sell and if you're not a fan of chocolate or coffee, there are more flavour varieties to choose from. To add on, the cupcakes were moist and fluffy.

Certain Delifrance outlets have a place to sit whereas some outlets are only for takeaway orders only which Delifrance calls "Enhance Takeaway Concept". Delifrance has different store concepts such as "Delifrance Cafes", "Delifrance Enhanced Concept Cafes", "Delifrance Express Corners" and like what I have mentioned earlier, "Delifrance Enhanced Takeaway Concept". Sounds confusing? Well, yes it is. Just be wary that some places sell only a limited selection of Delifrance products. You can check out their outlet listings at their website and the kinds of outlets they have islandwide.

The Delifrance Cafe I dined at was at Causeway Point located in Woodlands, the northern part of Singapore and according to Delifrance, it's an Enhanced Concept Cafe. I took a picture of the menu that's right above and feel free to save the photo so you can refer to the menu if you are planning on eating at Delifrance. Though, I would like to warn you that the prices are quite steep.

Egg D'vine Sandwich (with Ciabatta Bread)
Moving on, I got myself the Egg Mayo sandwich with Ciabatta bread. Usually, Delifrance sandwiches come with tomatoes and lettuce. Since young, I've always been eating the sandwiches without tomatoes and lettuce (although right now I like to eat lettuce with my sandwiches but I still hate tomatoes) and I still eat it the same way now. The Ciabatta bread was hard and chewy which is what I enjoy and the Egg Mayo was fresh and delicious. The problem with the sandwich was that the Egg Mayo that was added in the sandwich was quite little as you can see. Usually, the Egg Mayo will come out of the bread but this one was too little.

Egg D'vine Sandwich (with Croissant)
However, the Egg Mayo Sandwich that I got from Delifrance KK Hospital was overloaded with Egg Mayo. Just like the one at the Causeway Point outlet, the Egg Mayo Sandwich did not have lettuce and tomatoes because I ordered it that way. The one at KK Hospital was indeed delicious because the Egg Mayo was of a generous portion and that the Croissant was deliciously buttery and crispy. I think maybe with the bread being Croissant, I can get a much more generous serving. Maybe I should start doing that with my future Egg Mayo sandwiches and see if the same generous servings will be served.

Soup of the Day (Chicken Soup) (Comes with Combo)
Hot Tea (comes with combo)
Back to the Egg Mayo Sandwich I got from Causeway Point, I ordered the sandwich with a combo which consists of fragrant Hot Tea and Soup of the Day. I have always liked drinking Delifrance's Chicken Soup and also their Mushroom Soup since I was young because of the taste especially the Mushroom Soup. The Mushroom Soup was very chunky and it always has generous amounts of chopped mushrooms in the soup itself. It was definitely a great form of comfort food. Same goes for the Chicken Soup with chunky chicken in the soup itself.

Also, their hot tea was okay. The Hot Teas served at Delifrance are expensive but what can you expect from a French cafe? What I like about their Hot Teas is that there's always a small piece of cookie beside the cup itself. I love taking the cookie and eat it. Sometimes when my mother buys Hot Tea from Delifrance I will always snatch her cookie from the plate.

Seafood D'sire Sandwich (with Ciabatta bread)
Now let's go back to the food that I ordered at KK Hospital. This other sandwich that I got was the Seafood D'sire sandwich. Since this was my sister's order, I only ate a half of it. And just like what I have mentioned earlier on, I took out the slices of tomatoes out of my half-sandwich but I kept the lettuce on. The Seafood D'sire sandwich wasn't as good as my favourite Egg Mayo Sandwich but it was good enough. I'm not really a big fan of seafood (unless you count Fish and Chips as seafood) but I guess it was relatively okay. I prefer the other options such as my favourite Egg Mayo or the Tuna Mayo. If you're a seafood lover, then get this overly expensive sandwich and get it with Croissant bread. Every sandwich tastes better with Croissant.

Tuna D'licious Sandwich (with Croissant) Combo
I love Delifrance so much until I ate there at three different outlets. Probably more but I didn't take a photo of my other visits. Anyway, this Delifrance combo meal was purchased at the outlet at Tan Tock Seng Hospital. I find it strange that almost every public hospital I visit, there's always a Delifrance outlet. KK Hospital, Changi General Hospital, Tan Tock Seng Hospital and National University Hospital all have Delifrance. The weird thing about the outlet at Tan Tock Seng Hospital was that the outlet was quite small and cramped and that they serve food in disposable containers and serve disposable cutleries. So much for a fancy French Cafe. Even though they serve the items in disposable items, the food quality was still the same so no dropping of standard here at the TTSH outlet.

When I visited the TTSH outlet, I came across this Daily Deals banner in which they state the days of the week and what discounted combos they serve each day. I can't really remember what day I went for the Daily Deal. On that particular day, they sold the Tuna Mayo Sandwich Combo for a discounted price and that the meal came with the Croissant Tuna Mayo Sandwich, Soup of the Day and I ordered Sprite as the drink. The Soup was a Minestrone soup which was delicious and the sandwich, just like the one at KK Hospital, was also generous in the filling (like I said, get the Croissant as the bread). Not bad for a discounted meal.

Mini Log Cake
Chocolate Covered Almonds
And since it was still Christmas when I visited Delifrance TTSH, my sister got the Mini Log Cake and my cousin wanted the Chocolate Covered Almonds in a jar. The Log Cake was nice and I loved it although the outer shell was quite hard. Not so sure if it was meant to be like that. The Chocolate Covered Almonds were so extremely addicting. You get the crunchiness nutty flavour of the Almonds and the smooth milk chocolate covering the almonds. It was simply a joy to eat and when you eat once, you can't stop. The Mini Log Cake was only available during the Christmas season and chances are, you get to see it again during the Christmas season of this year. For the Chocolate Covered Almonds, I'm not so sure if it's still selling now but I believe they still do. Just that it's not served in the fancy jars anymore. More packets of sweet treats including a bag full of mini cookies that's served with Hot Teas are also available.

For this, I'm not so sure if they did a revision of the menu, but this is the menu at the TTSH outlet. The newer and updated menu that's available at Causeway Point is right above the post. Most likely the menu is different because the cafe concept is different. The TTSH outlet is just the regular Delifrance Cafe whereas the Causeway Point outlet is the Enhanced Concept Cafe so that may be the reason why there's a difference in the menu design. Most of the items sold at both outlets are similar and have similar pricing just that the TTSH outlet has a limited variety of items available for you to purchase.

Here's something I would like to try. Delifrance now serves breakfast and it's not the regular kind of breakfast you would find at a fast food restaurant. It's more "fancy" and more expensive. But remember that you're paying good money for good food. Feel free to save the photos of the Delifrance menus for your reference.

All in all, my experiences at the three Delifrance outlets at Causeway Point, KK Hospital and TTSH were great. They serve delicious food at slightly steep prices and they serve all kinds of French cafe cuisine you can think of. Delifrance serves a wide range of French main courses, sandwiches, cakes, desserts, pastries (my favourite kind of Delifrance product) and breads. If you want to dine in at the cafe, visit the Enhanced Cafes or regular Cafes or if you're running short on time, you can grab a quick bite at any of the Express Corners at selected convenient stores and Enhanced Takeaway concept stores. Do be wary that the prices at Delifrance are quite steep. Bring your family and friends along and if you're a student like me, you'll be glad to know that there are student discounts at their cafes.

Update: Delifrance Cafe at Tan Tock Seng Hospital has closed with effect from November 2012

Delifrance Cafe is HALAL certified 

Getting Here 

Bus services available: 161, 168, 169, 178, 187, 856, 858, 900, 901, 902, 903, 911, 912, 913, 925 (Woodlands Regional Interchange) 

Nearest MRT Station: NS9 Woodlands MRT Station (North South Line)

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