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Broaster Chicken @ NEX (Closed)

Normally I don't write about food so this will be my first time. In addition to articles of Singapore places, my newest addition for Frenzeelo will be food reviews because I love to eat and take photos of the food that I eat. My very first post will be Broaster Chicken which is a new fried chicken fast food restaurant located in a shopping mall at Serangoon called NEX.

Broaster Chicken is located at Basement 2 of the mall right next to Serangoon Bus Interchange and McDonald's. Basically, unlike other fried chicken, Broaster Chicken broasts their chicken, hence the name. It's sort of like frying in a pressure cooker. It's much much much better than that popular worldwide fried chicken restaurant in my opinion, plus it claims to have less fat. 
The store has very few customers because this store is one of a kind. You can't find this restaurant anywhere else except for a few 7 eleven stores islandwide. The restaurant has a lot of different items in the menu such as the broaster chicken sandwich and broaster chicken rice. They really innovate. More items can be found on the menu at the counter.

Broaster Chicken 2 Piece Meal (S$6.50)
Here it is! The Broasted Chicken from Broaster Chicken. It's comes gith different meals. I got the 2 piece meal with a large soft drink and medium fries. This 2 piece meal can be shared with two people. Usually, a two piece meal from another restaurant doesn't even make a person full. Whereas this meal made two people full. The portions are huge even the fries. Thick cut and crispy. You can get a basic two piece meal with any side such as fries, mashed potatoes or coleslaw. I chose fries and added an extra Tater Tots which I have been dying to try. Since I shared it with my sister, I upgraded the drink to a large one by adding 50 cents.

Regular Fries
Regular Tater Tots
Here are the side dishes. The fries and tater tots come in this small cup which is like half the size of a regular soft drink cup and it's brandless as in it doesn't have the Broaster Chicken logo. Broasted chicken has a unique taste unlike the 'other' chicken restaurant. Even though the 'other' chicken restaurant has more than 10 different herbs and spices in their chicken, it's still tasteless and puny compared to Broaster's.

The meal that I ordered came with a chicken wing and another part. I think it was the rib. The chicken was juicy, tender and it falls of the bone. When the meat falls of the bone you know you're getting fresh chicken. It doesn't have dried blood too. You can even see the juices of the chicken running down. The chicken doesn't have a truly crispy crunch when you bite it. They're thin skinned although if you're lucky enough, there will be crispy parts. I guess maybe the thin skin is to make it less fattening.

One of Two Chickens in Close Up View
Here's a close up view of the broasted chicken itself. See those juices? Mmm... seeing this picture makes me want to eat this again. Since this piece of chicken was big, I kept peeling and peeling the meat to give it to my sister. This chicken is great for sharing. If you don't fancy chicken, you can get some fried shrimp or broasted turkey leg. For me, I prefer the chicken. It's one of the best in Singapore.

Medium Iced Drink (Extra 50 cents)
Here's a picture of the large coke that I ordered. Although it may not be interesting to look at, what I find interesting is that the restaurant includes bendy straws instead of the straight one you find everywhere else. I like bendy straws as it's fun to play with and your mouth doesn't have to move that far when it wants to sip it. Talk about convenience. Another interesting thing about the drink is that the restaurant allows you to choose any drink you want. They'll give you an empty cup, and you can fill it with whatever you want with the dispenser provided. You can mix it around if you want to instead of just one kind. They'll only charge you for the cup itself. If you upsize, then you have to pay an exdra 50 cents. It's like 7 Eleven Big Gulp where you fill the cup yourself. No free refills though, unfortunately.

Broaster Chicken 4 Piece Meal (S$11.50)
Here's my 2nd visit to Broaster Chicken. My 2nd visit was with my whole family, the 1st one was just me and my sister. This time we got a 4 piece meal which costs $11.50. Whereas the 2 piece meal costs $6.50 excluding the upsized drink and the addition of tater tots. The meat was still of the same great quality as the previous visit. Service was friendly and they'll give you a smile. What's even better is that when you leave, the counter staff will say thank you to you. What great service! So definitely, I'll be coming back again and maybe I'll get something else like the Broaster Chicken sandwich.

Broaster Chicken is a fried chicken fast food restaurant that serves pressure cooked chicken known as broasting. It's a great alternative to mainstream fried chicken restaurants and it's a great place to go to when everywhere else is crowded. Broaster Chicken also has a snack bar beside the main restaurant which serves food like waffles, fries, hot dogs, drinks and more. If you want big portions, this is the place to go. I would recommend them to open more outlets islandwide.

Broaster Chicken is HALAL Certified.

Update: Broaster Chicken @ NEX has officially closed as of June 2012

Getting Here

Bus services available: 100, 103, 105, 109, 158, 315, 317 (Serangoon Bus Interchange)
45, 58, 105, 109, 133, 135 (Bus stop along Serangoon Ave 2 opp. Blk 334)

Nearest MRT Station: NE12/CC13 Serangoon MRT Station (North East Line/Circle Line)


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