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Sentosa Flowers 2012

Chinese New Year in Singapore fell on the 23rd and the 24th January 2012. It's the time of the year where Chinese Singaporeans from all over Singapore come together with their families for reunion dinners and celebrate the joyous event together. It's also that time of the year to check out the different kinds of flowers here at Sentosa. Called the Sentosa Flowers, this annual event takes place around Chinese New Year season with a large showcase of beautiful and colourful flowers here. Since its inauguration in 2006, lots of visitors come to visit the flower event with a different selection of flowers and themes every year. Best of all, it's completely free although island admission charges apply.

On that day, I picked up my phone from the service centre along Alexandra Road and since I had enough time, I decided to visit Sentosa Flowers. Luckily, there was an express bus along Alexandra Road all the way into Sentosa Island which was convenient as I originally wanted to take the bus all the way to HarbourFront Interchange and transfer to RWS 8 outside VivoCity.

Once I reached the bus stop in Sentosa Island, I went up the escalators and I'm in Resorts World Sentosa. Also known as Singapore's first casino, integrated resorts and Singapore's only Universal Studios Theme Park. To get to Sentosa Flowers, I need to take the escalators up again into Merlion Plaza. That's where the flowers were. In the meantime, I took lots of photos at the integrated resorts.

While walking, I came across this simple but modern looking hotel called Crockfords Tower at Resorts World Sentosa. The Crockfords Tower is one of the hotels here at the integrated resort. Unless you're invited, you can't stay here as this hotel is reserved for invited people and for high rollers. Otherwise, you can stay at the other hotels here including Hotel Michael, Hard Rock Hotel and the family-themed Festive Hotel. Resorts World Sentosa is already fascinating and interesting on its own. It's no wonder this is one of Singapore's most popular tourist attraction.

Okay enough chit chat. I'll do a write up of Resorts World Sentosa another time. For today though, it's all about Sentosa Flowers so up ahead are pictures from the event.

Finally we're here. The event was located specifically before the Merlion Tower. It's called the Merlion Plaza and it's just right beside the KFC fast food restaurant after the escalators from Resorts World Sentosa. There were a lot of people there. Locals and tourists alike all going around taking pictures of the beautiful flowers around. There was even a big line for those who want a professional photographer to take photos for them. Why would I want that if I have my own camera?

Anyway, since this is the year of the dragon, the theme is about the Chinese Zodiac creature, the dragon. I like how the whole dragon was made entirely out of flowers in the middle of the fountain. The colourful flowers surrounding the fountain certainly made it more majestic.

Ahead, it's Singapore's biggest official Merlion. The Merlion is Singapore's icon. The head is of a lion's head whereas the body, is of a mermaid's body. Unlike the one at the Merlion Park at One Fullerton, it doesn't sprout water and this Merlion is more of a museum than a sculpture. Do note that you have to pay to enter the Merlion museum. A free version is available at the Merlion Park in One Fullerton.

How cute is that? Some of the flowers on display were even shaped into a heart. I do think it has something to do with Valentine's Day since it was right after the first few weeks of Chinese New Year. Otherwise, it's great that they made these. A lot of people took snapshots of this Heart shaped bundle of flowers. There were even some couples who posed in front of the display. Majority of the flowers were roses.

Moving along, more flowers were on display. Although this time, majority of them were leaves and very few flowers of different types were on display. I didn't really read the information board because more and more people were streaming in so I can't read them as I'll be blocking the way. Anyway, it doesn't really matter as long as I get to see the flowers.

There's even one display where visitors can actually walk in around the plants, wear farmer's hats and hold up farmer's baskets and pose for some photos. So, it looked like they were farmers. Don't worry though, plucking of flowers wasn't allowed. The props were just there for people to take photos in it.

As you walk, mist will blow into your face. I think maybe it's to keep the flowers fresh or so. It was quite cooling to have the mist blowing into my face. Here are some more beautiful shots of the flowers. There were also some cactus on display too. I think they're considered as flowers.

Look at those amazing varieties of flowers of different colours, shapes and sizes. Can anybody help me identify what flowers are those? Anyways, there were so many flowers I don't even have the time to check out what kind were they. Too many flowers and too many people. Still, the event was definitely amazing. If you're lazy to climb up the slopes, you can just hop on the escalator to check out more flowers. Each part of Sentosa Flowers have varying themes although the main theme was the Dragon.

This one was interesting and unusual. As you can see, I'm in Dinoland. You can see different dinosaurs that were made with flowers and the colourful landscapes. Simply creative and amazing.

At the next point, which was Imbiah Lookout, there was this stilt walker with clothes completely decorated with colourful flowers and plants and colourful makeup. Everyone was taking numerous photos of this guy and he was very entertaining. It was quite scary to see the stilt walker going down the escalator. Eventually, he got onto the escalator safely and he even scared the others into thinking that he was going to fall down. Funny guy indeed.

This was the last part of Sentosa Flowers. There were more displays of flowers up here at Imbiah. Interestingly, there was a large sand sculpture with full intricate details and decorations. It was stunning. Poor guy had to work so hard sculpting the sand for the event. I forgot to take a picture of the sand sculpture, unfortunately. Near the end of it, there was even a love tunnel with hearts decorated with flowers and visitors can go through them. There was even a professional photographer taking photos of visitors at the love tunnel. Just like the one at the Merlion Plaza, there was also a long line here.

After visiting the event, I went back to Resorts World Sentosa by taking the Red Line shuttle bus at the bus stop outside Imbiah Lookout to the basement of the integrated resort. Before taking the public bus to mainland Singapore, look at the cave. It looks realistic with puddles of water all around the cave even though it wasn't raining. Also, the waterfalls look real too. After that, I went back to mainland Singapore by taking a public bus back to VivoCity shopping mall from the basement of the integrated resorts. It was a great day indeed.

Sentosa Flowers 2012 was held from the 22nd to the 29th January 2012. I went there on the 28th. Unfortunately, the event is over but you can still find more fun and permanent attractions here at Sentosa Island. With attractions like Underwater World, Dolphin Lagoon, Palawan Beach, Resorts World Sentosa, there are so many things to do here at Sentosa Island. Great place for a family vacation or for a date.

The next Sentosa Flowers event will take place next year during Chinese New Year in 2013. There are plenty of ways to get to Sentosa ranging from the public bus RWS8 outside VivoCity, Sentosa Express at VivoCity Level 3 and Sentosa Boardwalk at the VivoCity promenade. Prices are $2, $3 and $1 respectively. Do note that these charges do not include the admission for Sentosa attractions.

Getting Here
Bus services available: RWS8, 188R, 963R, NR1, NR6 (Bus stop along Resorts World Sentosa Basement)

Nearest MRT Station: NE1/CC29 HarbourFront MRT Station (North East Line/Circle Line), Sentosa Express (VivoCity Level 3)

Website: (Sentosa Flowers 2012)
      (Sentosa Island Website)                                                                           

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