Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sengkang Sculpture Park

It's quite common to find a few sculptures in a typical Singapore park. But, it's not common to find a whole park dedicated to sculptures in Singapore especially in a neighbourhood. Let me introduce to you Sengkang Sculpture Park. It's (obviously) a sculpture park located in Sengkang which is in the North East part of Singapore. You can find a wide variety of sculptures here.

The first one is this whale look-alike. What I find weird about the sculptures is that there's no sign that gives me more information about what the sculptures are representing. However, I do find this whale sculpture interesting because the whale looks like it has been cut up into segments and coloured with blue and yellow patterned paint. Notice that the whale has no head?

This is the 'interior' view of the whale. Notice the assortment of vandalism around the whale? I wonder what the sculptor's reaction will be when he finds out that his hardwork has been heavily vandalised. Still, the sculpture is interesting and it certainly is eye catching. Just hope the authorities can maybe clear the vandalism or repaint the poor whale sculpture.

Another interesting sculpture at the park are these cute coloured concrete balls. Sure it looks cute but it's fully functional. You can sit on them. And try sitting on the bigger ones. It'll make your feet and legs awkwardly dangle in the air. Nothing much to say about them although I do like the colours and the paintwork.

And don't worry about the balls rolling when you sit on them. They won't. The concrete balls are fixed to the ground. If your butt hurts when you try to sit down on the balls, you can rest your butt at the flat and comfortable benches behind the sculptures.

These sculptures here... nothing much to say though. Although to me, the sculptures really look like they are people standing on top of a big concrete slab slanting and spreading their arms apart. Maybe that's how you understand sculptures? These sculptures can have more life if it were painted with bright colours much like the whale sculpture.

I don't really know what these sculptures are either. These sculptures, to me, they look like nuts and bolts that have been heavily modified and sculpted to different shapes and sizes. I think.

Here are some more sculptures that are found in Sengkang Sculpture Park. See the different varieties in shapes and sizes? Try to figure out what they represent and what story the sculptures are trying to tell. The artists must have contributed a lot of their free time to make these complicated sculptures. Too bad most of the artworks have been heavily vandalised and suffered from lots of wear and tear. You can even see a bit of the moss and algae growing around the white sculpture.

Sengkang Sculpture Park is divided into two actually. You can cross the road and check out the other part of the park. A lot of the sculptures at the other side of the park look like these. and they look like lamp posts. Some of them can actually move when there's wind blowing which is cool.

Other than sculptures, Sengkang Sculpture Park also has a fitness corner, a playground and a jogging track scattered all around just like a typical neighbourhood park. If you're hungry, do stop by the food court beside the park. Or you can stop by Compass Point Shopping Mall behind the park for your shopping needs. If you wanna visit a neighbourhood park which doesn't look a typical neighbourhood park, this is for you. And if you're a fan of art, this is also for you. Bring your children along too and get them to be appreciatve of art or just bring them for a jog.

Getting Here

Bus services available: 83 (Bus stop along Compassvale Street)

Nearest MRT Station: NE16/STC Sengkang MRT/LRT Station (North East Line/Sengkang LRT Line)


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