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Fish & Co. @ NEX

After discussing about chicken yesterday at Broaster Chicken, today's post will be targeted towards fish. Fish and Chips is a very popular fried dish. The Fish and Chips dish was created in England and it has been a staple there. In Singapore, there are lots of places that serve fish and chips such as hawker centres, coffeeshops, western food stalls and more. The best one I have tried so far is at Fish and Co. in which their tagline is 'Seafood in a pan'. Fish and co. is a Singapore based seafood restaurant that serves different kinds of seafood such as fish, shrimp and squid. Their signature dish is the Fish and Chips and their restaurants are located islandwide with the flagship outlet located at Park Mall at Dhoby Ghaut.

Soup Of The Day
The restaurant located at NEX Shopping Mall was quite small but when I visited the place, there weren't a lot of people inside it particularly because we entered the restaurant at around 9 plus. Seats were comfortable and they played cheery Christmas songs as it was still December when I last visited the place. The first dish that I had was the Soup of the Day. I forgot what soup they served but I believed they served clam chowder. It tasted great and doesn't taste like it has lots of salt added into it. Maybe because I was too hungry and didn't really care about the taste.

Sweetlips Empress
This has got to be one of the best ice blended drinks I have ever tasted. It's called Sweetlips Empress and it contains peanut butter, vanilla ice cream and caramel topped with whipped cream and a piece of cherry. Talk about innovation. This drink needs to be placed in the Coffee Bean menu. It was soooo sweet and you can taste the peanut flavour infused with the caramel and vanilla ice cream. You don't need to get yourself ice cream. If you're an ice cream and peanut butter and caramel fan, (I am), you definitely should get this. Or maybe if you have a sweet tooth, this dessert is a definite must try.

What I find interesting about this restaurant is that every seat will have this sort of wooden rack in the shape of a fish. It's unique because usually the tables will be empty or will be decorated with plates and cutlery. I believe this is for those pan dishes. It's sort of like a tray to put the pan dishes on. Some of their dishes like the fish and chips, are placed in a pan. So, I guess they put the tray on for the pan. If your order isn't a pan dish (like the pastas), the wooden fish will be taken away.

Some Brownie with a Candy Bar
I know what you're thinking, don't I have enough sweet stuff already? Nope, of course not. Anyway, this dessert is so so so delicious and it's great for anyone with a sweet tooth. It's a combination of a Mars bar, brownie, caramel sauce and chocolate sauce. I forgot the name though and I can't find the name of this dessert in the website. But, if you want to get this, just remember that there is a chocolate bar integrated into the dessert. Simply delightful to eat this. It's chocolatey, gooey and chewy at the same time. And it melts in your mouth.

Seafood Platter for One
My sister wasn't a big fan of fish and chips. So, she got herself the platter for one. It's called the Seafood Platter for 1. I am a huge fan of platters. The Seafood Platter for 1 consists of calamari rings, tiger prawns, grilled dory fillet, paella rice and spiced chips. I don't particularly like the calamari rings as it was too chewy, hard to eat and doesn't disappear that quickly when it's in my mouth. I don't really eat prawns but my sister is a huge fan of it so she was the one who ate the tiger prawns.

I like the spiced chips which were thick cut, crispy and the spices weren't spicy but it's just the way I like it. The paella rice is kinda like fried yellow butter rice. I like it as the rice is much better and softer than typical fried rice dishes. I also love the grilled dory fillet. It's so tender and nice to eat. I like their fish it's just so tender, soft and no other words can describe it. Do get the platter since you'll have a huge variety of small bite sized snacks to try. There are also other platters too if this particular platter is not to your liking.

Chicken and Mushroom Grilled Spaghetti
Before we get to the star of the show, let's talk about something unrelated to seafood at all. This is the Chicken and Mushroom Grilled Spaghetti. Not really that special though. I like the chicken pieces and the cream sauce that accompanies it. The dish comes with sliced shiitake mushrooms, chicken cubes and white cream sauce all tossed together. Like I said, nothing special though it tastes great and this is the pasta to get if you're more of a fan of chicken than fish.

New York Fish and Chips
And here it is, the star of the show. This is the best Fish and Chips I have ever tasted. It's called New York Fish and Chips. This Fish and Chips is stuffed with cheese and smothebed with garlic butter sauce. The sauce tastes great and totally complements the batter of the fried fish. The batter is thin and crispy and totally melts in your mouth. When I first tasted the fish, it's so good that I do think it beats other Fish and Chips I have tasted so far. Plus, I actually prefer battered fish than breaded fish. Although breaded fish has an extra crunch added to it. The fries are also delicious. Thick cut, crispy and spiced.

Even though the dish itself is served in a pan, they don't really cook the dish in the pan. Instead, the pan acts like a plate. The Fish and Chips also come with other varieties such as Italian, Swiss and Arctic. The most popular is known as The Best Fish and Chips In Town which is the classic version. Each variety has a different variation and twist. Once you eat, you can never go back to other kinds of fish and chips.

They have this promotion although I'm not so sure if it's still valid now, is this Awesome Top Ups. Basically, when you order a main course like Fish and Chips, pasta or baked rice, you can add any one of these extras for an extra $5.95. For me, I'm not really into these add ons, but if you do, go ahead and make your meal more worth it. (Although any main course is already worth the money.)

Fish and co. serves one of the best fish and chips in town. You should get the one that I got which was the New York fish and chips with cheese stuffing. If you're not a fan of cheese, there are so many varieties available for you to choose from. If you don't fancy fish and chips, then help yourself to some platters, pastas, pizzas and so forth. It's a great family restaurant and the restaurant itself is clean and has friendly staff. If you're on a budget, this isn't the place for you. The prices here are steep. But, you're paying a premium for delicious and high quality food. This restaurant is located islandwide so check their website for more details on the locations. The one I ate was at NEX shopping mall at Serangoon.

Fish and Co. is HALAL certified.

Getting Here
Bus services available: 100, 103, 105, 109, 158, 315, 317 (Serangoon Bes Interchange)
45, 58, 105, 109, 133, 135 (Bus stop along Serangoon Ave 2 opp. Blk 334)

Nearest MRT Station: NE12/CC13 Serangoon MRT Station (North East Line/Circle Line)

Website: http://www.fish-co.com/

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