Monday, February 6, 2012

Galleries Galore Part 4: Marina Bay City Gallery

I believe you have already seen my previous write ups of other public galleries such as the Singapore City Gallery, HDB Gallery and the IRAS Gallery right? Today, I'm going to show you yet another public gallery at the corner of one of Singapore's newest developments, Marina Bay. It's called the Marina Bay City Gallery and talks about the past, the present and the future of Marina Bay. Let's have a look inside, shall we?

I visited the place with two of my friends and it was raining. That's why you can see dark clouds in the background. But, that didn't stop us from entering the building. The building itself is environmentally friendly because of the solar panels on the roof and other 'green' features. It's free to enter so I went in and played with this awesome interactive display. This display is not a touch screen. You have to place the numbered cubes on the grey surface and a video corresponding to the number will play. There also two other displays of the same kind.

This is a really nice place with a model of Marina Bay and interactive displays that you can play with. Unlike the Central Area Model that can be found in the Singapore City Gallery, this model of the Marina Bay area does not have specific details of the buildings. Although you can still make up what the buildings represent. Plus, if you were to press on the play button, you can see the building light up which is neat.

You'll also be presented with a slideshow that shows the different events that happened in the Marina Bay area such as the National Day Parade 2011 and the Countdown 2012. Plants line the wall which gives an impression that the place itself is 'green'.

When you walk in further, you can watch videos of how Marina Bay was planned and how the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) plan to make everything easily accessible by the public. You can watch how the URA make the Marina Bay area green and environmentally friendly with its sustainability efforts. You can also watch real life city planners discussing how they created Marina Bay.

Here are some more photos of the current and future developments of the Marina Bay area. Do note that this scale model also includes Marina Centre, City Hall and Kallang area. Some of them light up some of them don't.

I think this is a little known fact. The Marina Bay City Gallery has a second level which is also accessible by the public. Although it's more interesting on level one. Over here, you can have an aerial view of the model that you can find on level one. It's nice to look at it from above. There's also a meeting room although I'm not sure if you can rent the meeting room for your own meetings. It would be great if they allow as you can view nice panoramic views of the Marina South area which is behind Marina Bay.

I found these pong pong plastic thingies on the floor. I don't know what they are and I doubt they're part of the decorations at the City Gallery. Anyway, you can find a TV which shows videos and events that happened in the Marina Bay area. Don't forget to attend the sustainable light festival that will take place at the heart of the Marina Bay which is iLight on the 9th of March.

Here is a clearer view of the models. There is also this touch screen display but when I touched it, it showed me this annoying message. Also, you can see a clearer view of the solar panels on the roof of the building.

At the information counter, you can get these brochures about Marina Bay and other attractions that can be found in SIngapore. Walking trail brochures can also be found. I recommend you to go for the Waterfront Walking Trail or if you're an exercise buff, you can get the Jogging Trail brochure. Get yourself some souvenirs if you come to Singapore on a holiday. Get a piece of Marina Bay for yourself. If you want something affordable, get the notebook.

Overall, the Marina Bay City Gallery is a nice place to know more about Marina Bay. It's free and the kids will definitely love the touch displays and interactive displays. If you're tired and want some aircon, this is also a recommended place to take shelter. It's located along the Marina Bay Waterfront Promenade and you can even get here by car as there's a big carpark at the back. And if you're hungry, get yourself some pizza from the Verve pizza bar outside.

The Galleries Galore Series

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Getting Here 

Bus services available: 97, 97e (Bus stop along Marina Boulevard)

Nearest MRT Station: CE1 Bayfront MRT Station (Circle Line)


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