Friday, January 8, 2016

Frenzeelo Is 4

It’s January and it’s that time of the year again. The time where we not only celebrate the start of a brand new year, but also to celebrate another great year here at Frenzeelo. On this day, four years ago, was the birth of Frenzeelo, a blog originally about the best of Singapore’s places, food and events chronicled through the photos and videos captured with our cameras.

Four years on, the focus on places and events is still pretty much here although with a much stronger emphasis through new content formats like video, listicles, how-to guides and so much more. We want to further strengthen the Frenzeelo brand and offer you a variety of great content just for you.

In 2016, Frenzeelo will go undergo a slight change in terms of content publishing frequency and the way new content will be presented so do look out for those new and exciting changes. We here at Frenzeelo would like to thank you for your patronage for the past four years and for continuing to ignite our passion to produce great quality content. Here’s to a wonderful and prosperous 2016!

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