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The Best of iLight 2016

Art installations are aplenty in Singapore. They are great to look at, they have interesting stories behind them and they're created by talented artists from Singapore and around the world. Sure there are many art installations in Singapore but why not take it up a notch by using sustainable light sources to create them. At iLight, there are plenty of such artworks and here are some highlights from the festival if you've missed them.

What is iLight Festival?

Formerly a bi-annual festival, the iLight Festival is an interactive sustainable light festival which is held in the iconic Marina Bay area and usually happens in the month of March. Due to the festival having overwhelming demand ever since its iteration in 2010, the organisers decided to make it a yearly thing completely with a variety of festival highlights like workshops and roving performances.

There are many installations but instead of showing them all to you, we decide it's best to just pick 7 good ones accompanied by what it's about and why they're good.

Cycle House by Hafiz Osman

Cycle House was created with the intention of letting members of the public cycle the bicycle-like installation. Cycling it will eventually light the installation up to showcase a myriad of colourful light works. The installation also doubles as a makeshift shelter. The other portion of Cycle House allows the public to cycle to light up a mobile karaoke/disco machine which is definitely really cool.

Light Origami by KAZ Shirane from Japan

Located on the first level of the OUE Building next to the prestigious Fullerton Bay Hotel is Light Origami, an installation by KAZ Shirane from Japan. The installation is basically just a life-size origami structure.

On the outside, it may not look much but when you enter, get ready to be transported into the world of kaleidoscopic wonders. It's blue-lit interior and mesmerising kaleidoscopic mirrors definitely made it Instagram-worthy.

Dandelion by Supermachine Studio from Thailand

Underneath the seating gallery at the Marina Bay Floating Platform is where you can find the installation, Dandelion. Made by Supermachine Studio from Thailand, it's basically a 3D light structure with flaps that can be opened and closed.

The light from the light source will then bounce off the flaps producing interesting shadows on the bright yellow wall. Though it's small, it's definitely a small and mighty installation which attracts plenty of attention.

The Unveiled Beauty by Nanyang Polytechnic School of Interactive & Digital Media

In front of the now-defunct Marina Bay City Gallery is The Unveiled Beauty. Created by four students from Nanyang Poly's School of Interactive and Digital Media or SIDM for short, the installation lets visitors create shadows in front of the screen.

The public can manipulate the technology which makes the installation very fun to interact with. With the suspended acrylic pieces, the public could also pen down random messages as they wish.

Light Walk by Jen Lewin from USA

Using the now disused Mist Walk along the Waterfront Promenade is where you can find this installation called Light Walk. Made by Jen Lewin from the USA, this interactive iLight installation lets you walk underneath it to hear melodic sounds from the harp, a type of classical musical instrument.

It's quite a popular attraction as many members of the public took the opportunity to play some sounds from the installation. It also provides a temporary life for the structure after being disused for a long period of time.

Torrent by Brandon Tay

Torrent by Singaporean artist, Brandon Tay, is an installation that captures your movements and displays it back on the screen with a colourful landscape background. The visual displays are very dream-like and the installation is a favourite among visitors and passers-by alike.

Marine Constellations by Laughing Stars & Lumen Artistry from Japan & Singapore

Unlike other installations, this one is not at a fixed location. Called Marine Constellations, a collaboration installation by Laughing Stars & Lumen Artistry of Japan and Singapore, aims to resemble the constellations of the sky. How did they made it possible?

By shooting laser beams from various vantage points like at the top of the Marina Bay Sands, the top of the Fullerton Bay Hotel and on the ground of the Marina Bay Promontory. On the waters of the Marina Reservoir, there were four shooting stars. The installation can be considered "out of this world".

More Exciting iLight Installations

Here are some more photos of the wonderful and exciting iLight installations that were still worth a mention!


Overall, the iLight festival was an awesome festival worth visiting. It's completely free and there were plenty of interactive and creative installations along with many exciting workshops that the public could participate in. Roving performances made the festival even more fun. Plus, from 2017 onwards, the iLight festival will be running yearly with more exciting mini events that run concurrently with the existing iLight event.

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