Sunday, December 31, 2017

The 2017 Christmas Wonderland at Gardens By The Bay

December is definitely an exciting month with a whole bunch of Christmas-themed events happening concurrently. One of which is Christmas Wonderland, a medium scale Christmas carnival happening on the grounds of Gardens By The Bay. Missed it recently? Here’s a look at the 2017 edition of this festive event.

What is Christmas Wonderland 2017?

Christmas Wonderland is an annual Christmas-themed carnival which takes place in Gardens By The Bay in the Marina South district. With an admission fee of $6-$10, you can gain access to a variety of activities like carnival games, carnival rides, a flea market, a food festival, light and laser shows, live performances and of course the highlight of the evening, the signature ‘Blizzard’.

There were also plenty of light installations known as “luminaries” all around the event for your photo-taking pleasure.

Carnival Games & Rides For Everyone

Ever since its inception in 2014, the event has expanded from just the blizzard and light and laser shows to having more things like a flea market and carnival rides. With a huge turnout in 2015, the organisers decided to make it a ticketed event to prevent overcrowding.

The carnival games and rides were the most popular attractions indeed especially among the children. Who can resist the exciting carnival rides and the chance to take home a cute plush toy?

Light & Laser Show at the SuperTree Grove

With the light and laser show being shown on the SuperTree Grove daily, the show gets even better during the Christmas festive season. These tall man-made structures that were modelled after real trees will display a dazzling array of lights and lasers in sync to the classic and modern Christmas songs that will be played during the show.

This is the best place to sing your heart out and capture the amazing moments on your camera.

Flea Market & Food Stalls All Around

What’s a carnival without a flea market and food? The Christmas Wonderland has its fair share of stalls selling a variety of delicious food like hot dogs, cheese fries and Christmas-themed food like giant smoked turkey legs. The flea market also sold a variety of items by our own budding entrepreneurs so it’s a great way to give our support to them.

Walk further up and you will be greeted with a few food trucks serving tasty fare as well as a gourmet food street serving up a variety of upmarket food and wine. Got a taste for more upmarket food? This is definitely the food street that you should be heading to.

A Visit to Santa’s Grotto

Another popular attraction of Christmas Wonderland is a visit to Santa’s Grotto where you could take a picture with the one and only Santa Claus. The demand for this attraction was so high that a never-ending queue was present. Even if you didn’t have the intention of visiting Santa Claus, the bunch of brightly-lit Christmas trees placed on the outside will definitely catch your attention. The trees were a popular hotspot for photo-taking opportunities too.

Highlight of the Night: Blizzard Time

To end off the night, a visit to the luminaries is a must as not only do you get to witness the amazing bright lights of the luminaries, you could also enjoy the “blizzard” show which happens hourly at night right after the light and laser show.

You can experience snow, which looks more like floating tiny bubbles and soap, in Singapore’s tropical weather right here which is apparently the biggest highlight of the whole Christmas Wonderland.


The atmosphere right here at Christmas Wonderland was definitely one of a kind and very festive indeed. Sure, there was a small admission fee but with the range of activities that you could participate in right here at the event, you can never have too much fun right here. Visited the event recently? Let us know your thoughts on the event right in the comments section below!

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