Sunday, June 17, 2012

Texas Chicken @ NEX

If you read my blog regularly, I have written a lot of food articles and three of them were about chicken restaurants. Now I'm going to add one more to the list which is Texas Chicken, a fast food restaurant that serves delicious fried chicken and finger foods. Texas Chicken has various outlets around the island and the one that I'm going to feature in this article is the outlet at NEX which is a shopping mall in the north eastern part of Singapore called Serangoon.

Mix And Match Meal S$5.90 (Promotion)
I seriously apologise for this unappetising photo of this Texas Chicken meal. Trust me, it looks better in real life. Anyway, the meal shown in the picture above is the Mix and Match meal which unfortunately is a promotional meal that has already ended. The Mix and Match meal consists of a Honey Butter Biscuit, 1 piece Chicken, Mashed Potato, Soft Drink (I opted for Fanta Grape) and 2 pieces Chicken Tenders. The Mix and Match meal has a choice of different fried finger foods to go along which are either 2 pieces of Chicken Tenders, 4 pieces of Chicken Nuggets or 2 pieces of Chicken Winglets.

For $5.90, I think it was a great deal because there were different varieties of foods in one meal plus I get to choose what I wanted in the meal. The biscuit was great as it was fluffy and sweet because of the honey whereas the mashed potato was actually pretty bad. Texas Chicken's mashed potato tastes slightly better than KFC's but it's small and doesn't taste good. The best fast food mashed potato has to be Popeyes Chicken's Mashed Potato because of the herbs, spices and chicken that's infused in the potato and gravy. The chicken tenders where quite soggy when I bought it and it seems that they didn't cook it thoroughly. The one piece of chicken was crispy, cooked well and tastes much better than the Colonel's chicken.

3 Piece Chicken Meal S$9.60
Unlike the previous meal I have mentioned, this meal is permanent and it's part of the menu. Just like KFC, Texas Chicken also has a three piece chicken meal which is great for sharing among 2 or 3 people. The three piece chicken meal consists of three pieces of chicken which you can get in Spicy flavour or Original flavour. Personally, I think the Spicy flavour is much better. The one shown above is the Original flavour. The meal also consists of a Honey Butter Biscuit, a side and a drink. You get to choose which side you want and the choices include Fries, Mashed Potato, Colseslaw and Onion Rings. For me, I love the classic Fries to go with my chicken meals.

Texas Chicken's chicken is fresh and they're not frozen. Their chicken is very meaty and in every bite there's some crunch to it. Like what I've mentioned earlier, it's better to get the Spicy flavoured chicken instead of the Original one as seen from the picture above. The Original version has no flavour and doesn't have herbs and spices in the skin which is very unusual. Spicy version is better because it has that 'kick' when you bite into the chicken. The fries was awesome. If you want to get a side to accompany your meal, it's better to get the fries because they're hot and crispy. Although, a little bit of spices will make it a better side. I still haven't try the Onion Rings yet and if I do, I'll let you know how it tastes like.

Spicy Tex Sampler S$5.90 (Promotion)
This is another promotional meal which recently ended and it's called the Spicy Tex Sampler. Texas Chicken already has a sampler meal as part of their menu but this is a slightly cheaper and spicier version of the original Tex Sampler meal. Just like in the name, the Spicy Tex Sampler is a sampler with different kinds of finger foods in the meal. The Spicy Tex Sampler comes with 1 piece Chicken, 1 piece Chicken Tender, 1 piece Chicken Winglet, Mashed Potato, Honey Butter Biscuit and a small soft drink.

The Spicy Tex Sampler was great. For $5.50, the price was really worth it because of the variety of items in the meal and the sides that complement the meal. The one piece chicken was crunchy, juicy and spicy as always, the tender was also spicy, meaty and juicy but the winglet was too small but still it's a great piece of chicken. The Honey Butter Biscuit doesn't disappointment me as always but the thing about the Spicy Tex Sampler was that the drink that came with it was too small. It's not even regular size and it's more appropriate for children. Since the whole meal is spicy, I think giving a small drink isn't enough to absorb the spiciness. Unfortunately, the Spicy Tex Sampler meal promotion has now disappeared but there's the regular Tex Sampler meal if you want although the price is slightly steep at $9++

Caramel Sundae S$1++
This isn't part of the Spicy Tex Sampler meal but Texas Chicken also sells a variety of delectable desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth. The is the Caramel Sundae and obviously, it's a sundae with caramel sauce drizzled all over the ice cream. Since I love caramel, this ice cream did not disappoint me at all. Usually, when there's an ice cream sundae that has a caramel topping, I must get it because I am a big fan of caramel. Unlike sundaes at Burger King and McDonald's, Texas Chicken's caramel sundae is a little bit small and short but I still think it's worth buying. Other than sundaes, Texas Chicken also sells Coke Float and other sweet treats like the Biscuit Helado.

Afternoon Bites S$3.50 (Promotion)
Moving on, Texas Chicken has another promotion going on but I'm not so sure if it's a permanent promotion or not. Texas Chicken has lots of great ideas and their promotions are really creative and updated frequently. As of June 2012, their current promotions include Awesome Mondays, Afternoon Bites and the How Hot Are You? Meal. The chicken meal above is part of the Afternoon Bites meal which is a promotional menu which serves different kinds of meals with a soft drink. It's also very affordable at $3.50 per meal. The Afternoon Bites menu is only available from 2.30pm to 5.30pm on weekdays only. Unlike other meals, you can actually trade up to other drinks like Sjora or Milo without getting charged extra. You can check out the full Afternoon Bites menu at the website which will be shown below.

The Afternoon Bites meal that I got consists of 1 piece Chicken Tender, 1 piece Chicken Winglet and 2 pieces Chicken Nuggets. None of the Afternoon Bites meals have Texas Chicken's fried chicken unfortunately but still, for $3.50 it's quite worth it don't you think? The fried finger foods were delicious as usual as they're coated with plenty of breading and has that great crunch to it when you take a bite. I also love the Chicken Winglets. They're crispy and has that slight spiciness in the flavour when I ate it although it's a little bit small. The chicken nuggets were nothing special and they're comparable to McDonald's Chicken McNuggets. I can't remember if you can opt for the spicy version or not but it's worth asking if you're not sure. If you don't want this Afternoon Bites meal, you can also get the Mesquite BBQ Burger or the Classic Chicken Burger Afternoon Bites meals.

How Hot Are You? Meal S$5.90 (Promotion)
Last but not least, this meal must be Texas Chicken's most creative meal to date. It's called the How Hot Are You? meal and consists of 2 pieces of Spicy Fried Chicken, small Mashed Potato and a small soft drink. What's unique about this meal is that each meal comes with 2 packets of spice powder called the Spicy Sprinkle. Basically, it's something that you sprinkle around your chicken to make it even more spicy. You can just eat it without adding any Spicy Sprinkle or you can add one packet or if you really want to challenge yourself, you can sprinkle both packets of Spicy Sprinkle onto your already spicy chicken.

The two piece spicy chicken meal is basically a modification of the regular 2 piece chicken meal. The regular meal consists of 2 pieces of chicken, a side dish, a Honey Butter Biscuit and a regular soft drink. The How Hot Are You? meal is pretty much the same just that the drink is much smaller and there's no biscuit and I think you can't change the side dish unless you're willing to pay extra. For $5.90, I think it's worth it. The spicy chicken was delicious and it's even more delicious when I sprinkled the Spicy Sprinkle onto the chicken. However, you may want to cover your nose when eating it, because when I ate it, I started sneezing. That's how strong the Sprinkle is. Do get this promotion before it ends. You may regret not getting this meal.

This is how the Texas Chicken at NEX looks like. When I reached there at around 8pm, not many people were at the store. The situation during peak hours is even worse. Around 6pm, long lines start to form and the whole restaurant will be taken up. I wish that Texas Chicken at NEX will move to a slightly bigger outlet at another part of the mall because the place itself is really too small. It's so difficult to eat and relax at the restaurant because there will be people standing near tables to wait for the diners to finish their meals and leave. They do need to move to a bigger shop space and have more seats.

Overall, Texas Chicken is a great alternative for your fried chicken fix. If you're tired of the Colonel, Texas Chicken is a definite must try. Texas Chicken has various types of fried chicken, burgers, side dishes, desserts and so much more. There are also a variety of kids meals for your children. Also, do take note of Texas Chicken's promotions. Their promotions never disappoint me as they keep thinking of new creations every month. Their Awesome Mondays promotion are also worth checking out if you're feeling the Monday Blues and want to get something affordable and delicious for yourself. If you want to have a great afternoon snack, do get something from their Afternoon Bites menu which may disappear soon. Texas Chicken also has various outlets around Singapore especially if you live in the eastern area. 

Texas Chicken is HALAL certified

Getting Here 

Bus services available: 45, 58, 105, 109, 133, 135 (Bus stop along Serangoon Ave 2 opp Blk 334)

Nearest MRT Station: NE12/CC13 Serangoon MRT Station (North East Line/Circle Line)


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