Friday, August 31, 2012

Raja Kuih Hari Raya Cookies Bazaar 2012

I hope you enjoyed my previous articles about the Muscat Street Ramadan Bazaar and the Geylang/Paya Lebar Ramadan Bazaar. However, in today's article, the Ramadan bazaar featured will be slightly different as I'll be talking about Raja Kuih which is a bazaar selling large varieties of Hari Raya cookies. Unlike a regular Ramadan bazaar where you get to find various street food, clothes or items, this is a small bazaar that only sells imported and factory-made Hari Raya cookies. Hari Raya is nothing without Hari Raya cookies. Every house that's open for Hari Raya, there will always be several bottles of Hari Raya cookies served on the table for guests to enjoy.

Here at Raja Kuih, you can be spoilt for choice when it comes to buying Hari Raya cookies. You can find cookies packaged in boxes with various shapes and sizes, cookies with different colours and decorations and all of them are priced reasonably. Do note that most of the cookies sold here are actually factory made in Malaysia. Sure, you may be thinking that handmade cookies are still the best. I do agree but handmade cookies are generally more expensive than the ones found here at Raja Kuih. If you don't mind getting these, you will save a lot of money.

Here are some more pictures of the various cookies available. All the common Hari Raya cookies are available here such as Pineapple Tarts, Almond London, Cappuccino Chocolate and so much more. There were even cookies that were unusual looking. All of them came in various boxes and containers for easy consumption. However, if you don't want your guests to know that you bought it from here, you can just transfer the cookies into a generic container at home. Different brands of cookies are available here if you are into 'branded' cookies.

Of course, each pack of cookies sold here at Raja Kuih have price lists. Some can be cheap at under 10 bucks while some can reach up to 20 plus. It all depends on the brands and the amount of cookies available in the containers. If you want to know what I got, I got the Pineapple Tarts, Peanut Cookies and Almond London. All that for just under 20 bucks. The pricing isn't really that bad but the disadvantage is that you bought factory-made cookies which aren't as good as handmade cookies or even cookies that are handmade by our mothers.

Apart from Hari Raya cookies, Raja Kuih also sold other items too at the bazaar. They sold boxes of various chocolate chip cookies which are not Hari Raya cookies but are just regular packaged cookies that cannot be found in supermarkets. There were also several refrigerators that looked like the ones that have ice cream in it but instead of ice cream, there were cold swiss rolls. Swiss rolls are basically rolled up cakes with cream filling. Several flavours of swiss rolls were available for people to purchase. Other than that, there were also refrigerators selling cold drinks for S$1 each. It's a weird place to sell drinks but since there were no other place that sells drinks at that time, it was convenient for customers to buys cold drinks here at the Raja Kuih bazaar.

If you were there and made a big purchase, you were entitled to win some cash prizes. The grand prize was S$27222 (weird amount) while the others were S$22222 for the first prize and S$1000 for the next five prize winners. Customers can sit on a table and use the pen provided to fill up their personal particulars and stand a chance to win those prizes. Customers then had to drop their tickets into the box provided and when it comes to prize-giving day, someone from Raja Kuih will spin the box around and randomly pick a ticket from the box. Unfortunately, I did not win any of the prizes which wasn't really surprising but it's okay though there's still another chance next year. Who knows? Maybe I'll get lucky next year.

Raja Kuih is a great bazaar selling a wide variety of Hari Raya cookies at affordable prices. Raja Kuih is located outside City Plaza shopping mall at the junction of Tanjong Katong Road and Geylang Road and it's available every year during the period of Ramadan. If you are reading this right now, Raja Kuih is already closed right now. However, if you still want to get Hari Raya cookies, you can still get them while you can at various Malay bakeries islandwide although they'll be more expensive than the ones found at Raja Kuih. Raja Kuih is the place for Hari Raya cookie lovers and for those who love a great bargain on Hari Raya cookies.

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