Friday, August 24, 2012

Introducing Frenzeelo TV


Here at Frenzeelo, I want to give you information about the best of Singapore in as many ways as I can. That is why I want to introduce to you Frenzeelo TV. Frenzeelo TV is the online web show about the best of Singapore on video. You can watch it wherever you go whether it's on your desktop, smartphone or tablet. Frenzeelo TV is the perfect companion to the existing written posts on Frenzeelo. You can get new episodes of Frenzeelo TV by subscribing to my YouTube channel, 

The episode above is about all the best rooftop gardens available in Singapore. With new developments and buildings found around Singapore, rooftop gardens are a must-have. You'll find various video clips of various public rooftop gardens available in Singapore and most of them are free to access. Whether you like rooftop gardens that has full of greenery, great views, fun playgrounds or peacefulness, there is something for everyone. Also don't forget to check out my article on the best rooftop gardens in Singapore here for more pictures and detailed write-ups.

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