Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Happy 1st Birthday Frenzeelo!

Hello everyone. It's already one week after New Year's Day and how are you coping with the New Year so far? Speaking of New Year, today, 8 January 2013, is Frenzeelo's first birthday. Frenzeelo was first launched on the 8th of January of 2012 and since then, there were over thousands of photos and 70 over posts since the launch. Frenzeelo also had its fair share of achievements and disappointments over the past year. I even did a 2012 Year In Review post about the achievements of Frenzeelo on New Year's Eve. I am really happy that Frenzeelo is still alive for about a year considering that my past blogs did not really do well after writing a few posts. If you want to know what the very first article I posted on Frenzeelo, you can click here which will bring you to that article. For your information, the very first article is about a shopping mall near the Singapore Expo area. I hope that Frenzeelo will continue going on stronger in 2013 and that I get to write another birthday message celebrating Frenzeelo's 2nd birthday on the 8th of January 2014.

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