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Frenzeelo TV - Episodes in 2013

Back in 2013, I have produced several episodes of Frenzeelo TV which is a web show where I go around places in Singapore and checking out local events like Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park and the Halal Food Expo. What I have done was that even though I have uploaded new episodes to my YouTube channel, I did not post the latest episodes right here on the Frenzeelo blog which is kind of ironic since this is the official blog and I'm supposed to show you all the episodes here before going to my YouTube channel. What I shall do now is that I will be showing you all the episodes of Frenzeelo TV in 2013 after the Halal Food Expo episode to let you know that Frenzeelo TV is still alive and kicking. Here are some of the episodes that I have uploaded in 2013 so far.

Exploring the Marina Bay Area (New Format)

Back in 2012, I have done an episode about the downtown Marina Bay area. However, it was very long winded and there was insufficient information about the area in my initial video. So what I did was that in 2013, I have created a new format of the same episode but this time round with more video clips, information and a totally new style of video as well. If you want to spend the weekend away enjoying the wonderful breeze along the Bay or maybe walk around in one of Singapore's luxurious shopping complexes, The Shoppes At Marina Bay Sands, then this video is the right one for you.

Ang Mo Kio Town Garden West

This video is the very first episode of Frenzeelo TV where I do not actually have an accompanying article on the Frenzeelo blog simply because it's much better to show the place in just the video format only. To take a break from all the city-related places that I have covered, I have decided to visit a public park located right in the heart of Ang Mo Kio which is Ang Mo Kio Town Garden West. In this episode, I gave a virtual tour of the park itself and although it does look a little bit like a regular park, there are still some interesting additions like the plaza area and the birds-singing area.

Although, at the time when I filmed the episode, I can't really find the birds-singing area and it was also getting dark anyway. Nonetheless, the park was relatively quiet and it's a great park targeted specifically to residents of Ang Mo Kio and the public as well. To be honest, I still prefer Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park due to its amazing looks and features but this public park does have its fair share of unique features. If you are curious as to how the Town Garden looks likes, the video above is for your viewing pleasure.


Marina Barrage

This video accompanies one of the very first articles on Frenzeelo which is about the Marina Barrage. The Marina Barrage is basically a lifestyle attraction and a tidal gate rolled into one building. The sole purpose of the Marina Barrage is to control the water flow in Singapore's latest reservoir, the Marina Reservoir which is also used as a catchment reserve. At certain times, the tidal gates will open during heavy rain to prevent floods. You can also come to the Marina Barrage to check out the air-conditioned public gallery that talks about Singapore's water sustainability and the purpose of the Marina Barrage itself called the Sustainable Singapore Gallery. It's also a great place to do all sorts of outdoor activities like kite-flying, picnics or just enjoy the beautiful city view.

6 Best Rooftop Gardens to Visit in Singapore (New Format)

Did you know that the episode about the six best rooftop gardens in Singapore was the very first episode of Frenzeelo TV produced in 2012? Since the original episode was quite long-winded and did not contain a lot of useful information, I decided to re-do the episode with a completely new format. Similar to the new format version of the Marina Bay area video, it contained lots more interesting video footage and useful information just for you. I made the rooftop garden video simply because they are considered hidden gems to me.

Nowadays, more and more modern buildings are now equipped with rooftop gardens with different themes and looks. Some are used as small alternatives to public parks while some are used as a small outdoor gallery. All the rooftop gardens that I have featured in this video are totally free so feel free to visit them anytime you like without breaking the bank. It's a great alternative to window shopping and it can be even be a great gathering place for you and your friends.

Sustainable Singapore Gallery

This is the last episode of Frenzeelo TV that I have uploaded in 2013 but not to worry, 2014 will have its fair share of Frenzeelo TV episodes as well. Back to the video, this episode of Frenzeelo TV talk about a free public gallery that's found at the Marina Barrage, the lifestyle attraction cum tidal gates. Initially, I was thinking of combining this episode and the Marina Barrage episode together but I found out that the episode would be too long so now both episodes are separate.

Basically, the Sustainable Singapore Gallery is a free public gallery that talks about water sustainability in Singapore. If you find the topic a little bit on the boring side, the gallery made the topic more fun and interesting with its wide array of interactive displays, TV screens, video walls and scale models. Not only that, there was also this interactive scale model of the Marina Barrage where they show how the tidal gates work whenever there's heavy rain. Yes, a simulation of the heavy rain was also available on the interactive scale model as well. It's a very cool place for families to visit and it's also a great place for the children as well due to the gallery's high level of interactivity.


So far, these are the episodes of Frenzeelo TV that were uploaded in 2013 for your entertainment and information. More episodes are in the pipeline for this year so if you've been waiting too long for the next episode, don't worry. I hope that with all these episodes, you'll find Singapore a more interesting place to visit and it's also my main goal when I started Frenzeelo. I'm still trying my best to find more new interesting places in Singapore and I hope that I also get to improve the video format as well.

If you have been a regular viewer of Frenzeelo TV or a regular reader of the Frenzeelo blog or both, I thank you very much for your support. From now onwards, whenever I upload a new episode of Frenzeelo TV, I will share them right here on the blog as well as the YouTube channel. Once again, don't forget to visit my YouTube channel and do subscribe to keep updated with the latest episodes at http://www.youtube.com/paperfrenzy.

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