Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Introducing the Brand New Frenzeelo

After months of inactivity, Frenzeelo is back and better than ever. Over the past few months, I have made lots of changes to the blog's logo, design and the core of the blog itself. Now, it's about exploring Singapore for less and no longer just about the best of Singapore. There will be tons of articles, videos, infographics, how-tos and much more all dedicated to helping you explore Singapore without breaking the bank. Let me go through all of the changes we have gone through here on Frenzeelo and do give me your feedback as well.

New focus

Previously, Frenzeelo's focus was mainly about the best of Singapore's places, food and events. There were articles, videos and tons of photos that focused more on those three topics. However, it seems that there's still plenty to improve on for the blog so I have decided to change the focus of the blog to become a blog that's all about exploring Singapore for less. Singapore may be a little bit on the expensive side but if you were to actually look around, there are plenty of things and places to explore in Singapore that doesn't cost a bomb. That's where Frenzeelo can help.

New logo

Frenzeelo now has a totally new logo. Say goodbye to the old gradient-heavy and drop shadow-friendly logo and say hello to the new simplified logo. What's great about the new Frenzeelo logo is that the colours can be changed to any monochrome colour to suit the environment the logo is in. The signature Frenzeelo colours of blue, white and lime green will stay with the lime green being present since the early days in 2012. The new logo will also make its appearance on Frenzeelo TV as well.

 New blog design

The design of the blog has also gone through a major change as well. Everything is now much more simplified, user-friendly and there's plenty of emphasis when it comes to the content being presented to you. Also, pictures, a signature of the blog, will be in almost every article in the blog to accompany the article.

New kinds of content

There will be new kinds of content for Frenzeelo as well. It's no longer just articles about Singapore's places and events along with videos only. Soon, there will be list articles, How Tos, infographics, new-format videos and much more. Of course, your favourite places and event articles will still make their appearance here on the Frenzeelo blog as well. We will update you with tons of new content so that you will know how to explore Singapore for less in as many ways possible.

New Frenzeelo TV

Just like Frenzeelo itself, Frenzeelo TV will also undergo a makeover as well. The new format of Frenzeelo TV will be shortened and will be more condensed to fit in as much useful information as possible in the shortest amount of time possible. Also, Frenzeelo TV will no longer be about places in Singapore and events only. I will also include video versions of popular articles (e.g. listicles, How Tos and more) and add them onto both the Frenzeelo YouTube channel and the Frenzeelo blog itself. If you haven't subscribe to the Frenzeelo YouTube channel, you can do so by visiting http://www,youtube.com/paperfrenzy


The state of Frenzeelo

I will definitely update Frenzeelo as frequently as possible just for you. I will add a new post once (if possible, twice) a week and Frenzeelo TV will be made once (if possible, twice) every two weeks. This is to ensure consistency and quality content delivered in a timely manner. As I still have other projects that I'm working on along with school, the frequency may change to suit my schedule. Nevertheless, I will definitely make sure that quality Frenzeelo content will be delivered to you as awesome as possible.


Overall, the new Frenzeelo is a totally major breakthrough for me and for the blog itself. The new changes will definitely strengthen the Frenzeelo brand even further and I do hope that I can take the Frenzeelo brand even further in the future. For the past few months, I have been to many places, events and I have loads of other content that I definitely would like to share with you so do look out for that. Frenzeelo is still in the midst of improving so if you have any feedback that you would like to provide, please feel free to let me know anytime soon. Hope you appreciate the new changes and do enjoy the new Frenzeelo!

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