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Visiting The Future Of Us

We all have been told to prepare for the future and that the future is in our hands. However, wouldn’t it be great if we can get a glimpse of Singapore’s future? The Future Of Us, a multi-sensory exhibition about Singapore’s future, recently took place from December 2015 to March 2016. It was interesting, it was amazing and best of all, it was free. Here’s more on the scoop.

What is The Future Of Us? 

The Future Of Us was a temporary multi-visual exhibition held at Gardens By The Bay from December 2015 to March 2016. Its goal was to highlight how Singapore’s future would look like and how we Singaporeans can make Singapore a better place in the future. The exhibition was also the last major event to celebrate Singapore’s 50th year of independence (also known as SG50).

Gaining Access To The Future Of Us

The Future Of Us was totally free of charge and it was open to everyone. Getting tickets was easy. You could either line up at the ticket counter at the entrance or you could do an advanced booking online and get a virtual ticket.

When it first opened in December, there were long snaking queues of curious Singaporeans wanting to check out the exhibit. As I visited the place in January and at night, there were lesser visitors though the enthusiasm and curiosity among the visitors were still there.

The First Exhibit

After getting our virtual tickets scanned by the friendly attendant, we headed to the first exhibit. A friendly host greeted us and explained more about the exhibit was all about. The exhibit showed three panels which resembled fictional newspapers from the past, present and the future. Though the newspapers were fictitious, the content was not.

One of them showed about Singapore in the past or more specifically when Singapore just gained independence. Another showcased Singapore in the present with a video screen of our current Prime Minister, Mr Lee Hsien Loong, giving a speech at a National Day Rally. On the third panel, the newspaper highlighted a news story of Singapore in the future in the year 2030.

The host walked us through Singapore’s history in his own, easy to understand words which even foreign visitors and children could understand. Props to the host for such passion and enthusiasm in his story.

A 3-Dimensional Dome Theatre Screening

We were then brought to this dome theatre of a screening of three Singaporeans who had a vision of making things better in the future. One such example was of a young Singaporean who wanted to solve a transport problem after seeing many people missing their buses. Another was of a young Singaporean female who wanted to find a better and more efficient way to plant indoors.

Throughout the whole screening, there were other individuals who wanted to make a change as well and at the end of it, the individuals showed off their new creations and innovative technologies to solve the problems.

This film was great as it somehow motivates us to come up with innovative solutions whenever we see problems as it also benefits society and the Singaporean economy as a whole. With the 3D dome projection theatre, it also made the film more fun to watch.

A Futuristic 3D Projection Screening

Next, we went to another theatre, this time round, it’s more of a futuristic 3D projection screening. After a short briefing by our host and a reminder to keep a lookout of the 3D blocks in one of the scenes, we got ourselves comfortable with the wide range of beach chairs and stools in the theatre.

The screening was about the lives of Singaporeans in the future with the help of futuristic and innovative solutions. With some visual effects magic, some of the projection screening so-called “spilled over” onto the 3D blocks in front giving a visual treat to us, the viewers.

A Showcase of Innovative and Tech Concepts

After the wonderful screening, we were brought in to a showcase of a wide range of innovative concepts which is in development and may come soon in the future. Some of the concepts were shown during the two screenings shown previously.

One such concept featured was of an auto-detection system which detects if someone elderly falls in his/her own home, the system will activate emergency services and family members. With the Smart Nation initiative launched by the government, more of such technology innovations will come at a faster rate.

Send A Message To The Future 

Over here, you can create a digital postcard about what you wish for in the future. The interactive touchscreens let you be as creative as possible.

Done with your digital postcard? You can send them up in the “sky” (essentially a projection screen on the ceiling). It’s fun especially among the kids.

Outdoor Play Garden

When you’re out of the exhibit, there’s the Outdoor Play Garden. There were swing sets, bubbles floating and fitness play areas making it appropriate for children. However, there were plenty of adults and teens having fun at this outdoor area as well.

Walk further up and you will be greeted with a lion sculpture standing proud and tall with messages about Singapore decorated all around. Seems to me that it’s a message telling Singaporeans to make Singapore a better place for everyone now and the future as Singapore is also considered a “Lion City”.

The Market Place

At the Market Place, a tentage located at the end of the exhibition, looks like a supermarket on the insider. Look closely, and it’s actually an event venue which hosted various talks and seminars about Singapore’s 50th and Singapore future. Some of which featured various Singaporean ministers.

While I was there, a magic show for kids was happening and while looking around, I found some interesting projects that were already being worked on.

Most of these projects were already worked on by various schools and organisations in Singapore with an accompanying TV screen showing a demonstration. This shows that Singaporeans are getting more innovative.

Singapore Snacks

Though the visit to the Future Of Us was over, you could actually visit this row of booths where you could indulge in a wide range of snacks like soups, curry puffs, turkish ice cream, coconut ice cream and much more.

A great way to end off your visit by quenching your thirst and feed yourselves. Too bad it only opened in the daytime.


Overall, The Future Of Us was a very well thought-out and insightful exhibition which appealed to a wide range of audiences ranging from small children to the elderly. The exhibition was also a great way to not only make Singaporeans think about the future but to me, it’s also a way to thank the generations before us for their contributions.

It definitely got me thinking about the future and after a year of SG50 celebrations, The Future Of Us was a great wrap up to the celebrations. Visited it recently? Let us know your experiences below!

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