Monday, October 31, 2016

A New Perspective At The Pinnacle@Duxton

Nothing tops seeing Singapore from a new perspective and height. The Pinnacle@Duxton, Singapore's first premium public housing project, allows the public to have a great view on the 50th floor. How does it feel like to be on top? Here are some photos and first-hand experience at this amazing rooftop.

What is the Pinnacle@Duxton?

The Pinnacle@Duxton is a cluster of premium HDB public housing flats located in the Cantonment/Outram estate. Unlike normal HDB flats, the Pinnacle@Duxton has 50 floors, has a unique and an iconic design and has facilities and amenities not normally found on typical HDB flats. It's like a hybrid between a condominium and a HDB flat. Since its launch, more of such "premium" houses were launched as well and more will be coming soon in the future.

Where is the Pinnacle@Duxton located?

The Pinnacle@Duxton is located in the Cantonment/Outram area and it's in close proximity to the Central Business District and the historical shophouses that surround the area. Getting there is easy with the Outram Park being nearest MRT station serving both the East West and North East Lines. A couple of bus services that connects the residents to the CBD, Marina Centre and Orchard districts are available too.

Getting to the Skybridge on the 50th floor

The Skybridge on the 50th floor is its most well-known feature which can be accessed by the public for a $5 fee. Another Skybridge on the 26th floor is only open to residents with more facilities and amenities than the public Skybridge. Gaining access is a very frustrating experience. According to the website, you need to register your EZ Link card and pay $5 through a touchscreen kiosk.

On the actual day I visited, I had to manually pay $5 cash to the Managing Agent's (MA) office and once I was up, turns out that I could not enter the turnstile gates. So I had to call the MA office in order to gain access into the Skybridge. Definitely a frustrating and inefficient way to get in. They could've just issued a temporary access pass and replace the turnstile gates entirely.

Beautiful Views of the Singapore City

Frustrating experience aside, the views of the Singapore City is totally magnificent. On one side, you see the CBD skyscrapers in a closeup view while on the other side, there's the beautiful sea and the always-busy port. The Skybridge also doubles up as a link bridge that connects all the blocks. You enter from Block 1G which is where the MA Office is located and you can exit from any of the gates at any of the blocks.

Facilities & Amenities at the Skybridge

Unlike the 26th floor, there were very little facilities and amenities here. There were plenty of seating however which you can rest your legs and body on. The seats even resemble actual furniture like stools, beach chairs and lounge sofas. Up for a jog? The length of the Skybridge makes it a great jogging track and with a great view like that, why not right? When it rains, no problem as there's a short stretch that's sheltered.

Wonderful Views At Night

Best time to visit the Pinnacle@Duxton is always 6pm in the evening. You get to view the good stuff in broad daylight, then you can see the sunset and of course, the night views. The night views are indeed amazing and it's a completely different experience than in daylight. Visiting on a Saturday? You may even spot some happening events on the ground floor at nearby shophouses.

Artwork In The Sky

A great way to beautify a rooftop is the addition of greenery and amazing artworks. The Pinnacle@Duxton has plenty and they add some depth, colour and of course, greenery to the already lovely-looking Skybridge. Would be great if they can more artworks though and perhaps some facilities like public toilets. Now that, in my books, will be a winner.


The Skybridge at Pinnacle@Duxton is an amazing place indeed to check out Singapore in a whole new perspective. Aside from the extremely frustrating experience of entering the facility, the wonderful views make up for it. It's also a great place for photographers or maybe if you just want to relax and unwind though $5 can be a little bit pricey. With its close proximity to the CBD area and the City, it's never a bad idea to visit.

Getting Here

Bus services available: 75, 167, 196, 534, 535, 549, 564, 761 (Bus stop along Cantonment Road opposite Maritime House)

Nearest MRT station: EW16/NE3 Outram Park MRT Station (East West Line/North East Line)

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