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Experiencing Maritime At The Singapore Maritime Gallery

When it comes to maritime, many people would not be interested as they mostly find it a boring topic to talk about and it's not as interesting as other industries like finance, tech and so on. However, maritime supports us in many ways which is why there is the Singapore Maritime Gallery, a free gallery all about the maritime gallery. Here's what it's all about.

What Is The Singapore Maritime Gallery?

The Singapore Maritime Gallery is an air-conditioned public gallery set up by the government's Maritime and Port Authority (MPA) that aims to educate the public about the maritime industry, how it supports us and how it supports Singapore's economy. To appeal to a wider audience, the gallery has a bunch of fun and interactive exhibits that makes learning about maritime fun. It's free and opens on weekdays.

Where Is It Located?

The gallery is located on the second level of the Marina South Pier, a boat terminal where tourists and day trippers use to get to various Singapore islands. It's accessible by Marina South Pier MRT Station on the North South Line or by taking SBS bus service 402 from Shenton Way.

A Day In A Life Of A Maritime Industry Worker

An insightful panoramic video will be the first thing you will see when you first enter the gallery. You can watch a short movie about a day in a life a maritime worker and the amount of hard work they put in to make sure that everything goes smoothly. Visitors can already have a different perception of these hardworking people at this exhibit.

Various Cargoes

Head over to the next part of the gallery and you will be greeted with a table that's full of items container ships carry on a daily basis. Most of the items being showcased are items that we use daily. If a container ship is unable to make these deliveries, it would be difficult for to get the items that we need. Online shopping is also made possible through maritime.

Models of Different Ships

The gallery has included tons of models of various ships that's commonly found in Singapore like container ships, oil tankers and much more. There were even pictures of different ways load is carried onto the ships. On the wall, a timeline of Singapore's maritime history is shown as well to show how the industry has involved.

Want to know how an actual container looks like? At this part of the gallery, you can walk through an actual container that's no longer in use and you will get to experience how big the size is and estimate about how much load it can carry. It's not even halfway through and it was already an eye-opening experience.

Hands On Simulators

Ever wondered how the planning process works to get the ships out to carry out their duties? Here is a simulation room that lets you get a first hand look at how the planning process works. The computer systems show how it works and it can even track where a ship is.

It can even show when danger is approaching a ship and give instructions on how the captain should react to prevent the danger. All these is happening 24/7 continuously.

The Ship Bridge Simulator

The most fun exhibit is called the "Ship Bridge Simulator", a simulator that lets you steer a virtual ship and dock your ship at the port you are supposed to dock at. It may seem easy to you but I assure you that it's not. The steering is much harder than the steering wheel of a car and the controls are at best confusing. I have collided my ship with the hazards throughout all my attempts.

Overall, it was really fun and interesting and it really feels like you are onboard an actual ship thanks to the shakiness and vibrations the simulator let me experience. However, you are not recommended to try it out if you have motion sickness as it really simulates an actual ship.

More Info About The Maritime Industry

Further up are more interesting and insightful information about Singapore's maritime industry with the models of a city right in the centre of the gallery. At one particular corner, jars of barnacles found on sides on ships were present as part of a research study by NUS researchers.

If you are really fascinated by the industry, this part of the gallery explains further about what the industry is all about.

The Various Maritime Vocations

When it comes to maritime, many people would associate with a captain navigating a ship to its dock. But, did you know that maritime is more than that? Here's a look at the various maritime vocations available. You can be someone that works on a port as a Lashing Supervisor or you can be a life saver as a Maritime Fire Fighter.

Video screens on another corner showed the various maritime partnerships with overseas partners along with ropes found on the wall to make sure that load gets lashed on the ships properly.

Amazing Views Of The Sea

As the gallery is located along the sea, there are plenty of breathtaking views right over here and you can observe the various ships carrying out their duties along with passengers boarding and alighting the boats.

A floating restaurant and bar called the 'Stewords Riverboat' was onsite as well giving tourists and locals a one of a kind dining experience that cannot be found anywhere else in Singapore.

A Kid's Corner

Brought your kids to the gallery? Let them have fun with the different kinds of activities they can carry out like creating artwork with the colour pencils provided or let them create it virtually with the touchscreen on the wall.

Want something more physical? No worries, lego blocks on the walls allow your kids to unleash their creativity. No kids with you? Nothing wrong with a fully grown adult carrying out these activities.


Overall, the Singapore Maritime Gallery is indeed a very interesting and an insightful gallery to learn more about Singapore's maritime industry, how it supports us and how it supports the Singapore economy.

The fun and interactive exhibits will definitely make learning even more enjoyable. If you can't get enough, you can go to the third level of the Marina South Pier to check out the rooftop garden with wonderful breathtaking views of the sea. The Singapore Maritime Gallery is definitely a must-visit.

Getting Here

Bus services available: 402 (Bus stop along Marina Coastal Drive outside Marina South Pier Terminal)

Nearest MRT Station: NS28 Marina South Pier MRT Station (North South Line)


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