Monday, January 8, 2018

Frenzeelo is 6 Years Old!

On this day, in the year 2012, Frenzeelo was created to showcase the wonderful places and events that Singapore has to offer and to prove that Singapore's isn't really as boring as what people believe it to be. Fast forward six years later, Frenzeelo now has thousands of monthly visitors, a YouTube channel, a Facebook page, a sister site known as Beanwalk and so much more. Let's take a trip down Frenzeelo's memory lane right here.

8 January 2012: Launch of Frenzeelo

Frenzeelo was created to show all the great places and events that we've visited in Singapore in late 2011. There was a lot of talk that Singapore was not as interesting and this site was established as a way to prove that it isn't as boring as people make it out to be. Frenzeelo's first post was about the then-new Changi City Point, a shopping mall in the east located right opposite Expo MRT Station.

Link: (Frenzeelo's first post)

25 June 2012: Launch of Frenzeelo's YouTube Channel

Although established way before, Frenzeelo's YouTube Channel was only official from 25th June of 2012 with the first video about Singapore's 6 best rooftop gardens. From then on, Frenzeelo's videos have been regularly updated with different formats to keep up with the times. Also, Frenzeelo's first official video is currently its most popular video as of 8 January 2018. Not bad for a 5 and a half year old video.


9 September 2014: First Major Overhaul

Frenzeelo made its first major overhaul on the 9th of September 2014 with an all-new blog design and a more minimalist logo which was used until 2017, where the logo had gone through another minor redesign. Individual blog posts also underwent minor refinements with the adding of sections to make it easier to read, watermarking to establish brand identity and cover photos to make the blog posts more appealing.

27 April 2015: The Start of the Frenzeelo Facebook Page

Initially used as a Facebook page for a graphic design portfolio, the official Frenzeelo Facebook page was only official beginning in early 2017 as a way to promote Frenzeelo's content to a larger audience. With posts being published out daily, you can be sure to always get updated with the latest and greatest right here on the Frenzeelo Facebook page.


17 July 2017: Introduction of Beanwalk

Frenzeelo recently introduced its sister site, Beanwalk which is all about Singapore's coffee chains and thirst quenchers. You can find all sorts of content like reviews, list articles and taste tests of different ready-to-drink beverages right here at the Beanwalk site. As Beanwalk is still currently in its infancy, design-wise, it's still in the works so do look out for a major design overhaul that's coming soon.


Frenzeelo In 2018

A fresh new year means a fresh new start. In the coming months, do keep a watch for more exciting content right here on the Frenzeelo site. More videos, blog posts and Beanwalk articles will be coming, along with some new kinds of content as well like short films, a full-fledged digital magazine and a merchandise all coming your way.


It has been an interesting 6 years since Frenzeelo was established with new posts, new designs, new content formats and a new sister site. Of course, we could not have done it without the support from all of you. With an exciting 2018 content lineup, we will not disappoint you. Here's to another 6 years of Frenzeelo!

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