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Yong Soon You Tiao @ Food Republic VivoCity

VivoCity is also known as one of the largest shopping mall in Singapore. The mall has great architecture, facilities, shops, food establishments and so much more. Right at the top most level beside the SkyPark and Sentosa Express station is a popular food court called Food Republic which serves a wide variety of local dishes and snacks. One particular stall that caught my attention was Yong Soon You Tiao which is a stall selling Soya Bean drinks, Beancurd and a range of fried dough fritters. Let's have a look at some of their offerings.

Soya Bean Milk S$1.50
My apologies for not taking a picture of the stall itself. I was so engrossed at choosing the items that I wanted to buy until I forgot to take a picture of the stall to show you how it looks like. It's the food that matters right? 

First of all, this is their Soya Bean drink. You may have heard of popular stalls that sell Soya Bean drinks and Beancurd like Mr Bean and Jollibean. Surprisingly, Yong Soon You Tiao too sells Soya Bean drinks and Beancurd. However, unlike Jollibean and Mr Bean which sells different types of Soya Bean drinks, Yong Soon You Tiao only sells the traditional plain Soya bean drink and the traditional plain Beancurd. Plus, it's slightly cheaper by 10 cents compared to Jollibean and Mr Bean. The Soya Bean drink was awesome. I love the sweet taste of the sugar syrup and it's soya goodness. However, it was sweet when I took my first sip but the moment the cup was almost going to be empty, the sweetness disappeared. So near the end, the drink was bland when it was sweet at first. Still, it's a great cup of soya bean drink and it's refreshing.

Butterfly Bun S$0.90
Fried dough fritters are their main selling point and a wide variety of fried dough fritters are available at the stall. I got the Butterfly bun which I think it's one of the most popular item in the menu besides the You Tiao which are fried dough sticks. This Butterfly bun is similar to You Tiao but it's just that it's sweetened and dressed with sesame seeds. Plus, from the size, it's significantly smaller (or shorter) than the fried dough sticks. The Butterfly Bun was nice and crispy. The sweetness was also perfect and the enormous size of the bun made it worth buying. You can break it into two if you plan to share it with a friend. Butterfly Buns are also available at Dough Culture which is another fried fritters stall although Dough Culture is usually found at certain shopping malls as opposed to Yong Soon which only operates at Food Republic food courts. I love the buns so much I got TWO pieces. One for me and another one for my sister.

Red Bean Xian Jian S$0.90
Another item which I got from the stall was the Red Bean Xian Jian. I don't really know what's the meaning of Xian Jian actually but this thing's delicious. It's a fried bun sprinkled with sesame seeds and filled with red bean paste. Something that I don't like about this fried bun is that the filling was so little and that the bun itself was so soft and a little bit 'weak' as you can see from the picture above. So weak that the picture above was the 2nd try after 'straightening' it. Anyway, the taste was great as it was very sweet and not that overpowering. Now I see why they didn't fill the bun fully so that it won't be too sweet and overpowering. Other flavours are also available such as Green Bean and Coffee. I would like to try the coffee flavoured version in my next visit.

Curry Puff S$1.30
Another item that I got at Yong Soon was this Curry Puff. I'm such a big fan of curry puffs especially the Malay version of it. I have tried Chinese curry puffs before such as Old Chang Kee's and Dough Culture's (I would like to try Tip Top Curry Puffs too). The one available at Yong Soon is as good as the Dough Culture version. All the potatoes in the curry puff were like mashed potatoes so you don't have the problem of potato cubes falling off after taking some bites. The curry was indeed spicy. In fact, it was way more spicier that Old Chang Kee's famed curry puffs. I do wish that they put meat like chicken and some boiled egg which is definitely a winning combination. The portion was quite huge and the shape was a little bit odd. If you like big potato curry puffs, the one from Yong Soon is a no-brainer.

Here's my receipt of my purchase at Yong Soon You Tiao at Food Republic VivoCity. After buying one cup of Soya Bean Milk, one piece of Red Bean Xian Jian, one piece of Curry Puff and 2 Butterfly Buns, it all cost me a total of $5.50 which was affordable. If you are the kind of person who likes to have snacks on the go, don't want to spend that much money and a refreshing cup of Soya Bean Milk, Yong Soon You Tiao is the place to go to fulfill those needs.

Overall, Yong Soon You Tiao is a great food court stall which sells a wide variety of fried snacks and dough fritters along with Soya Bean Milk and Beancurd. It's perfect for breakfast, tea break and on-the-go snacking. Do note that it's located in a food court so you may have to push and shove your way around the food court just to get to the stall. It's better to visit during non-peak hours. Yong Soon You Tiao is also available at other selected Food Republic food courts and selected hawker centres in Singapore.

Yong Soon You Tiao is HALAL certified

Getting Here 

Bus services available: 10, 30, 30e, 57, 61, 65, 80, 97, 97e, 100, 131, 143, 145, 166, 855 (Bus stop along Telok Blangah Road outside VivoCity)

Nearest MRT Station: NE1/CC29 HarbourFront MRT Station (North East Line/Circle Line)


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