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Mayson Bakery @ Jurong Point

Bakeries are very popular among Singaporeans. You can find bakeries almost everywhere in Singapore including the famous ones like BreadTalk and PrimaDeli. There are also some unknown and never-heard-before bakeries such as the one that I'm going to talk about known as Mayson Bakery. Mayson Bakery is a Halal bakery which sells a variety of freshly baked buns, loafs, puffs and egg tarts. It only has two outlets in Singapore which are Suntec City Mall and Jurong Point. Let's take a closer look at what I have purchased from this bakery.

The bakery prepares their stuff fresh because the kitchen is right behind the counter. There were a lot of buns still available when I last visited the bakery and I was spoilt for choice. Some of the buns can't really be found in competing bakeries so it's good that they sell their own creations too. Apart from these buns, above the shelf, lots of loaves and bread were also available. Unlike PrimaDeli which wraps all their buns in plastic, Mayson Bakery has this option whereby you get yourself a tray and a tong and you grab whatever items you want onto your tray. I don't like PrimaDeli's way of wrapping plastic in all of their buns because it just doesn't seem that professional.

Chicken Char Siew Po Lo Bun
Now let me talk about the stuff that I got at the bakery. First up, it's the Chicken Char Siew Po Lo bun. If you don't know what's Char Siew, it's basically barbecued chicken marinated with different spices. It's a traditional Chinese method of cooking meat and it's delicious. The filling in the bun was just right and I love the fluffiness of the bun. The 'design' of the bun is also unique. The bun has that flakiness on the top of it and at the bottom, you can see that the colour is different from the top. Apart from that, I can see that they sprinkled a little bit of black sesame seeds on top of the bun which is a nice touch.

Unknown Bun
Unknown Bun
I can't really remember the names of these buns though. I apologise for my short term memory. If you visit this place, let me know what the respective buns are and tell me how they taste like. Thanks!

Some Random Bun
I also can't remember the name of this bun but fortunately, I still remembered the taste of it. This bun is basically twisted bread sprinkled with some sugar and decorated with some raisins and some sliced nuts. The bread was soft and chewy and since it's twisty, you have to use some strength with your teeth to pull the bread out. The sugar and raisins made the bun more sweet so it's a great bun for people with a sweet tooth. However, if you're allergic to peanuts, you shouldn't get it because there were nuts sprinkled on top of it as seen from the picture above.

Sesame Seed Loaf
I still don't know what's the name of this particular item found at the bakery. I think it's the sesame seed loaf. The bread is actually quite boring because it's basically a loaf with sesame seeds sprinkled all over the top. The bun is slightly sweet because of the sesame seeds sprinkled on top but on the inside, it's soft and fluffy but there's no taste. There are other loaves to choose from so I recommend getting others. Although, they did cut the loaf into slices which was a nice touch.

Chocolate Muffin
Muffin with Nuts
Banana Muffin
Apart from buns and loaves, I also got a box of three muffins. The three muffins, as seen from above, are chocolate, nuts and banana. Unlike other muffins sold at other places, the muffins sold at Mayson were moist and have a very nice fragrance in each muffin I have tasted. The chocolate one was really very chocolatey so if you're the type who like to watch what you eat, avoid that one. The middle muffin is actually plain but there were sliced nuts around in the muffin itself. It's great but I prefer the banana or the chocolate-flavoured version. Lastly, the one that I like most, is the banana flavoured muffin. I love bananas especially banana muffins. Just like the other muffins, the banana muffin was also moist and has that really nice banana taste and fragrance to it. If you're tired of having the same cakes over and over again, muffins are definitely better alternatives. 

All in all, Mayson Bakery bake delicious buns, pastries, breads and desserts. Next time, I want to try the puffs and egg tarts. Almost all the buns have that fluffy shape and also, the fillings were fresh and tasty. The loaf that I bought was a bit boring because I initially thought that there was going to be some filling inside the loaf but I was wrong so, maybe I'll get another loaf on my next visit. The muffins were moist and it's just the way I like it. Lastly, I wish that Mayson Bakery will open more outlets because they only have 2 outlets in the whole of Singapore which are Jurong Point and Suntec City. I tried to find the outlet at Suntec City but I was unsuccessful. If you do live near Jurong Point or Suntec City, the bakery is a great alternative to other mainstream bakeries like BreadTalk and Prima Deli.

Mayson Bakery is HALAL certified

Getting Here 

Bus services available: Bus services from Boon Lay Bus Interchange

Nearest MRT Station: EW27 Boon Lay MRT Station (East West Line)


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