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Popeyes Chicken @ Square 2

Fried Chicken must be one of the most popular comfort food in Singapore. There are lots of places to find fried chicken in Singapore from fast food restaurants to food kiosks to hawker centres to food courts and so much more. There are literally thousands of places to get delicious hot and crispy fried chicken that's satisfyingly good in the island of Singapore. In today's article, I am going to talk about the fried chicken and my experience at Popeyes Chicken at Square 2. Square 2 is a mall in the Novena area and it's just right beside Novena Square (AKA Velocity) which is another shopping mall and it's much older. It links to nearby hospitals such as Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Novena Medical Center, Novena Specialist Center and Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital. After eating so much fried chicken, you might want to check out your cholesterol level at any of the neighbouring hospitals. It's also directly connected to Novena MRT Station on the North South Line.

Louisiana Pepper Nuggets
First up, it's the Louisiana Pepper Nuggets. Unlike regular nuggets whereby the meat is soft and mushy, the Pepper Nuggets are thick, juicy and if I'm not wrong, they use fresh chicken breast meat. It's so tender and juicy I can't get enough of the nuggets. The breading was the same one used for the regular chicken and there's also a dipping sauce which was great-tasting. I believe the sauce was ranch sauce. I'm not so sure if the Pepper Nuggets are still available though but if they are, get them while they're hot.

2 Piece Chicken Meal
Apart from the Pepper Nuggets, I also got the two piece chicken meal. Every fried chicken fast food restaurant will sell a meal with 2 pieces of chicken along with some sides and a drink. For the sides, I got the Cajun fries and a piece of biscuit. The chicken is one of the best tasting fried chicken I have ever tried. In fact, it's much better than other fried chicken fast food restaurants that start with a K and a T. Try to figure that out if you can. However, the fried chicken still pales in comparison with Broaster Chicken and Arnold's Chicken. Although, I love the skin and breading of Popeyes fried chicken which are way better than Broaster's and Arnold's.

Cajun Fries
Here's one of the side dishes I bought with the purchase of the 2 piece chicken meal. The Cajun Fries is definitely one of the best fast food fries I have ever eaten. In fact, it tastes similar to McDonald's Twister Fries which usually appear during the Chinese New Year season. Unlike the Twister Fries, Popeyes Cajun Fries appear every day throughout the year. It's not spicy but it has that great crunch and flavour within the fries which makes it an enjoyable side dish. The biscuit in which I have no picture to show, is definitely a great addition to fried chicken too. It's fluffy, buttery and soft. The biscuit can be eaten like that or it can be eaten with jam which is provided separately with every biscuit.

Mashed Potato with Gravy
Another thing to note about Popeyes Chicken is their Mashed Potato. Their Mashed Potatoes are the best. It's bigger, better, tastier and gravier (I made that word up). Sorry that I did not open up the container and take a picture of the mashed potato itself. Anyway, the mashed potato has that nice mushy mushy texture instead of the usual half-a-ball shape common in other fast food restaurants. The gravy has a combination of different spices which are mostly the spices that are also found in the Cajun Fries. Another good thing about Popeyes mashed potatoes is that there are teeny tiny pieces of chicken in it so this side dish should be a must-buy everytime you step into a Popeyes restaurant.

Soft Drinks
Popeyes also serve a wide range of soft drinks, non-carbonated drinks and also specialty drinks. The ones pictured above are just Coke and if you have tasted Coke at other fast food restaurants, it's pretty much the same. However, you can change the drink to Sprite, Green Tea, Lemon Tea, Coffee, Tea and more. I'm not so sure what will be the additional costs if you were to change to other drinks so it's best to bring extra few cents if you want something other than the usual Coke or Sprite.

Popeyes Chicken is a great fried chicken fast food restaurant and it's much better than most fried chicken fast food restaurants out there. Apart from fried chicken, a wide variety of sandwiches, side dishes, snacks, desserts and so much more are available at Popeyes. It's too bad that Popeyes has very few outlets in Singapore. The Western part of Singapore has no Popeyes restaurant so they have to go all the way to the Ang Mo Kio outlet which is the nearest for residents living in the West. However, according to their Facebook page, they'll be expanding and more outlets will spring up soon. Speaking of Facebook page, Popeyes has a Page of their own and you can Like them to check out any menu updates and discounts currently available. Popeyes is a great family restaurant and do check out their website for a list of outlets and their menu. 

Popeyes Chicken is HALAL certified

Getting Here 

Bus services available: 21, 56, 57, 131, 166, 851, 980 (Bus stop along Thomson Road outside Novena Stn)

Nearest MRT Station: NS20 Novena MRT Station (North South Line)


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